For Corporate Media

A team in the office collaborating on a media production project

Centralize your storage

Whether you’re a video production team within a corporation or an agency that provides video services for them, knowing what assets are available and having ready access to them can prevent delays, duplicated efforts, and missed opportunities. Avid NEXIS | PRO+ gives teams access to a centralized pool of all your company’s assets—from video clips and photography to archived content. It enables up to 24 creative users to connect simultaneously, find and share media, and complete projects faster with less stress.

Learn how Avid NEXIS accelerates production for Avid NEXIS for Corporate Media Production.

Looking to collaborate from anywhere? Add Avid NEXIS | EDGE to your workflow to enable collaboration not only between Avid and Adobe editors, but with other contributors across your marketing, creative, product, sales, and other teams.

Access your entire content library

A person on a computer accessing media asset content library

Easily browse, search, and access media assets and finished projects all in one place, giving you better insight into the content you have while minimizing file wrangling between departments. And easily rediscover, reuse, and repurpose content to capitalize on new opportunities, saving time and money.

Eliminate the hard drive shuffle

A stack of hardrive

No need to copy files locally, send out drives to freelancers, or scour through your hard drive haystack for footage. With all assets in a single shared storage solution, anyone inside or outside your facility with workspace/project permission can access the media they need and get right to work.

Work with the tools you have

Icons of creatives apps

Designed and extensively tested specifically for media workflows, Avid NEXIS works with tools from Avid, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, FilmLight, Grass Valley, and more. Editors, graphic designers, and content creators on your social media, marketing, and sales teams, can share files and work more easily and efficiently together.

Accelerate content turnaround

A team in the office accessing Avid NEXIS pro to  get the video content they need.

When projects need to be turned around quickly, Avid NEXIS | PRO+ provides the real-time video delivery editors need to speed through tasks. Once content is loaded, it’s immediately available to all. Up to 24 users can connect simultaneously, delivering the team collaboration you need to hit deadlines.

Scale storage as needed

Picture of four Avid NEXIS stack together

Quickly reallocate workspace storage on the fly to accommodate changing needs—without disruption. And expand your system storage capacity up to 160 TB by connecting up to four Avid NEXIS | PRO+ engines together, which also boosts your bandwidth, while maintaining a single virtualized pool of storage.

Protect your prized content

An Avid NEXIS image

With reliable safeguards against single or dual drive failures and automatic drive rebuild, you can have peace of mind that your content is always protected, so you’ll never lose your assets. And unlike individual hard drives, you won’t lose valuable footage due to a misplaced drive or accidental erasure.