Avid NEXIS Storage & Specifications

Mix and match Avid NEXIS enterprise-class E- and F-series engines to create a single pool of tiered storage, enabling you to start small and grow your system as your business grows. Scale capacity and performance by adding more Media Packs to an engine—or additional engines to a system—enabling up to 10+ PB of raw storage and more than 30 GB/s of total bandwidth.

Storage engines—NAS for video editing and audio production

Avid NEXIS | F5

For large, demanding broadcast and post-production environments
  • Drives: Supports up to 8 Media Packs (80 HDDs) in 60 TB, 100 TB, or 140 TB capacities
  • Scalability: 240 TB–1.12 PB per F5
  • Bandwidth: Up to 3.8 GB/s per F5
  • Network interface: 40GbE and 50GbE QSFP+

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Avid NEXIS | F2

61_62_64_67 Avid_NEXIS_2U
For small to mid-size video and audio production teams
  • Drives: Supports 1 Media Pack (10 HDDs) in a 60 TB, 100 TB, or 140 TB capacity
  • Scalability: 60–140 TB per F2
  • Bandwidth: Up to 480 MB/s per F2
  • Network interface: 10/25GbE SFP28

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61_62_64_67 Avid_NEXIS_2U
For Editorial finishing, VFX, Animation, DI, Color grading
  • Drives: Supports up to two SSD Media Packs (20 SSDs)
  • Scalability: 38.4–307TB
  • Bandwidth: Greater than 6GBps from a single SSD Media Pack
  • Network interface: Dual 100GbE per storage controller

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Avid NEXIS | F5 NL

High-density nearline storage for all media production environments
  • Drives: Supports 4 or 8 Media Packs (40 or 80 HDDs) in a 160 TB capacity
  • Scalability: 640 TB–1.28 PB per F5 NL
  • Bandwidth: Up to 1 GB/s per F5 NL
  • Network interface: 10GbE SFP28

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Avid NEXIS | F2X

61_62_64_67 Avid_NEXIS_2U
Storage expansion for Avid NEXIS | F2
  • Drives: Supports 1 Media Pack (10 HDDs) in a 60 TB, 100 TB, or 140 TB capacity
  • Scalability: Adds an additional 60–140 TB to F2
  • Bandwidth: Adds an additional 480 MB/s to F2
  • Network interface: SAS

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61_62_64_67 Avid_NEXIS_2U
For smaller teams (cannot be mixed with “F-series” engines)
  • Drives: Supports 1 Media Pack (10 HDDs) in a 40 TB capacity
  • Scalability: 40–160 TB by connecting up to four PRO+ engines together
  • Bandwidth: Up to 700 MB/s per PRO+
  • Network interface: 10/25GbE (SFP28)

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Options to scale your storage

System Director Appliance (SDA+)

61_62_64_67 Avid_NEXIS_2U
Increase Avid NEXIS scalability and redundancy (required for F5 and F5 NL)
  • Choice of two file system licenses
    • Standard—Supports up to 24 Media Packs, up to 3.8 PB of total storage, up to 165 active clients and up to 28 million files
    • Advanced—Supports up to 64 Media Packs, up to 10+ PB of total storage, up to 330 active clients and up to 160 million files
  • Performance: Enables high availability
  • Files: Increases file support from 8 million up to 175 million
  • Redundancy: Provides added protection when used with the Redundant Controller

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Media Packs

Add storage capacity to “F-series” engines
  • For F2 SSD: 38.4TB, 76.8TB, 153.6TB and 307.2TB Media Pack 10 SSD drives
  • For F2, F2X, and F5: 60 TB, 100 TB, or 140 TB Media Pack 10 HDD drives
  • For F5 NL: 160 TB Media Pack (10 HDD drives)

Redundant Controller

NEXIS Controller 
Enable system redundancy and high availability
  • Performance: Enables high availability and mirror protection for each storage engine when combined with the SDA+
  • Protection: Supports automatic failover of critical services if a controller experiences issues
  • Reliability: Prevents disruptive and costly wait times for hardware replacement
  • Replacement: Supports configure-less controller replacement (swapping defective hardware requires no manual configuration)