New features

Create custom knob and meter layouts—NEW

Custom knobs small2

With the latest EUCON update, you can now map the controls of an inserted plugin to your surface—for any plugin, from any EUCON-enabled DAW. This makes it easy to create custom knob layouts for all of your favorite plugins, so you always have your favorite parameters at your fingertips exactly where you want them. You can also design your own meter layouts, independently, for both the Avid Control mobile and desktop apps. Write automation more smoothly with Pro Tools Auto Match indicators. And much more.

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Speed up your workflow

Folder tracks in PT UI

Not only can you spill out VCA Masters, you can also open, close, and spill out Folder Tracks directly from the Avid Control app—in exactly the same way as VCA Spill—enabling you to get to any track fast. Cycle through EQ and dynamics plugin slots fast by tapping the EQ or DYN button. And rename Pro Tools tracks by double-tapping a track in Avid Control.

Create better mixes faster

Accelerate your workflow

Accelerate your workflow-min

From muting and soloing tracks, editing plugins, and routing signals, to writing surround panning automation and triggering macros, S1 provides total hands-on access to your audio or video project, giving you greater speed and precision than mixing with a mouse and keyboard alone.

Get pro-level hands-on control

Get pro-level hands-on control-min

From its motorized, touch-sensitive faders and touch-sensitive knobs, to support for VCA spill, monitor control, and custom layouts, S1 goes far beyond what you can do with a MIDI-based controller. Plus, its customizable Soft Keys speed up tedious tasks, enabling you to trigger functions with a simple tap.

Work with your favorite creative tools

Work with your favorite creative tools-min

S1 offers deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for a variety of third-party audio and video applications, including Logic Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro, and more, to dramatically speed up editing and mixing tasks.

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Work with your favorite devices

Desktop app

Avid Control works with a variety of tablets and smartphones running iOS, iPad OS, Android, and Fire OS, giving you a wide range of choices and cost flexibility. It also comes as a desktop app for macOS and Windows, enabling you to display the app's Meters view—in conjunction with your DAW—on your computer screen. Plus, it's fully scalable in size and can follow up to four S1 surfaces.

Navigate large sessions fast

Navigate large sessions fast-min

With Avid Control on your connected iPad or Android tablet, you can get to where you need to go instantly. Jump to a track by selecting it in Tracks View. Swipe through multiple channels in Mix View. And open and close Pro Tools Folder Tracks right from the surface, greatly speeding up session navigation.

View your mix in great detail

View your mix in great detail-min

From track names, parameter values, and high-res S6-style metering, to 7.1.2 surround panning, automation status, and channel processing graphs, S1 gives you great insight into your mix. You can also design your own meter layouts, independently, in both the Avid Control mobile and desktop apps.

Get S6-style monitoring control

Get S6-style monitoring control-min

Easily control EUCON-enabled monitoring right from the surface. With the Monitoring View in Avid Control, you can quickly assign and manage source selections, cue mixes, talkback, listenback, speaker cuts, and more to speed up your workflow.