Avid S4 is semi-modular, enabling you to configure a control surface with up to three Channel Strip Modules (24 faders max), four Display Modules, and up to three optional modules for your workflow needs. Start with one of four base configurations and then customize from there.

Step 1: Choose your base configuration

S4—8-fader, 3-foot base system

Avid S4-3_CB_top 500x222-min

Includes one CSM, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 3-foot frame.

S4—16-fader, 4-foot base system

Avid S4-4_CCB_top 500x222-min

Includes two CSMs, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 4-foot frame.

S4—16-fader, 5-foot base system

Avid S4-5_BCCB_top 500x222-min

Includes two CSMs, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 5-foot frame.

S4—24-fader, 5-foot base system

Avid S4-5_CCCB_top 500x222-min

Includes three CSMs, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 5-foot frame.

Core modules included in all base configurations

Master Touch Module (MTM)

Get quick access to your mix and control parameters through a tilting 12.1-inch multipoint touchscreen, plus eight adjacent rotary encoders and other dedicated knobs and keys.

Master Automation Module (MAM)

Navigate and automate projects easily with a full transport control section with shuttle/jog wheel, a focus fader, automation control, numeric keypad, and other keys and switches.

Channel Strip Module (CSM)

Control track levels, plugins, and other parameters through eight channel faders, 32 top-lit knobs (four per channel), and other keys and switches. Outfit your surface with up to three to support a 24-fader configuration.

Avid S4-3_CB_side1
Avid S4 frame

Depending on the number of Channel Strip Modules in your base configuration and other module options you choose, your control surface will be housed in either a 3-, 4-, or 5-foot preassembled frame. You can also add optional risers to the frame to raise the angle of the modules for better ergonomics. 


Step 2: Add optional displays and modules

Add up to four Display Modules and up to three additional module options for your mixing needs.

Display Module

Get extensive visual insight into your mix with a high-resolution TFT display that can show everything from channel names, meters, routing, groups, and DAW affiliation, to scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, master meters, and more.

Joystick Module

Mix surround sound and immersive audio projects, including Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics, using dual touch-sensitive joysticks, with TFT and OLED displays, to position sounds with precision.

Post Module

Complete post projects faster with a module that enables you to switch between listening to recorded tracks/stems and their inputs through two rows of 10 PEC/Direct paddles to ensure they sound identical before punching in to record.

Attention Knob Module

Add 32 more top-lit knobs to your surface (or up to 64 with two modules), providing additional assignable controls and visual feedback for adjusting attention track functions, including plugins, EQ, DYN, and pan.