S6 S4
Maximum faders Up to 64 (or up to 192 max with three Master Touch Modules to support three operators)
Up to 24 (single operator only)
Fader quality Premium TKD faders
Standard ALPS faders
Master Modules One S6 Master Touch Module (up to three supported) and one Automation Module
One S4 Master Touch Module and one Automation Module
Control surface expansion Fully modular; customize a surface with up to 46 total Fader, Knob, Process, Joystick, Post, and Display Modules (or up to 138 modules max with three Master Touch Modules to support three operators)
Semi-modular; build a surface with up to three Channel Strip Modules, four Display Modules, and up to three optional modules (Joystick, Post, and/or Attention Knob Modules)
Display modules supported? Yes Yes (up to four)
Knobs per channel Up to nine
Frame Modular frame with leg assembly option
Preassembled fixed-size frame (tabletop only)
Simultaneous workstation connections Up to eight
Up to two
Function assignments Assign functions using the dedicated Process Module
Assign functions in the integrated Channel Strip Module

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