Avid S6 Riser Kits

Avid S4 S6 riser kit knobs

Boost your visual and physical mixing ergonomics

Bring your surface controls into better view and within easier reach. Avid S6 Riser Kits come with all the hardware you need to raise the angle of your control surface modules, providing a better line of sight and easier interaction. Available in one-bay, two-bay, and expansion kits—in “Full Depth” (9 knobs deep) and “Reduced Depth” (5 knobs deep) sizes to accommodate different S6 frames—the risers are simple to install and can be fitted across as many bays as needed.

 1-Bay Riser Kit—Includes front, mid, and rear T-strips (2 each), 1 riser stop, 2 riser sides, and a riser rear panel
 2-Bay Riser Kit—Includes front, mid, and rear T-strips (3 each), 2 riser stops, 3 riser sides, and a left and right riser rear panel
 Expansion Kit (requires a 2-Bay Riser Kit)—Includes extra front, mid, and rear T-strips (1 each), 1 extra riser stop, 1 extra riser side, and a middle riser rear panel

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