Whether you create music, sound for picture, or use Pro Tools or a third-party DAW, Avid offers the industry's most tightly integrated workflows through EUCON. This high-speed Ethernet control protocol enables all Avid Pro Mixing surfaces to connect and communicate with Avid and third-party audio, video, and monitoring applications, giving you unmatched hands-on control of your favorite creative tools. How can EUCON boost your efficiency?


Get extensive software control

Unlike the Mackie Control protocol used by other control surfaces, which provides only cursory control, EUCON is natively integrated into a host of media applications, minimizing tedious mouse clicking, so you can work faster. Mute, solo, and record-enable tracks. Edit waveforms. Assign and edit plugins. Navigate projects. Write automation. Trigger macros. Access VCA groups. Perform surround and 3D panning. Create and recall layouts. And a whole lot more—right from the surface.

Take total control of all monitoring

EUCON not only speeds up the tracking, editing, and mixing process, it's also integrated into Pro Tools | MTRX, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, XMON, D-MON, DADman, and other monitoring solutions. Remotely control source selections, speaker cuts, fold downs, monitor profiles, signal routing, talkback, cues, and more for any monitoring situation—from mono to immersive audio.

Work with your favorite creative tools

From Pro Tools and Media Composer, to Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Premiere, Pyramix, and more, a wide variety of audio and video applications support EUCON. Get the deepest level of integration when using Avid's creative tools. You can also control multiple applications and workstations from a single surface and quickly switch between them with the touch of a button. Or even place tracks from different DAWs on the surface simultaneously

Gain better insight into your mix

EUCON isn't just about physical and touch control; it also enables your control surface to display extensive visual feedback of your session. From track names, channel metering, automation statuses, and plugin settings, to gain reduction meters, EQ graphs, and scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, you get the detailed information you need to create better mixes faster.


Supported EUCON-enabled applications*

* Please note that while these applications are EUCON-enabled, the extent of integration with Avid Pro Mixing control surfaces and supported software versions are at the sole direction of the respective manufacturer. For details, please contact the manufacturer.

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