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Tips & tricks

  • S6: VCA Masters & Spill Zones

    Create fader zones to access members of a VCA Master group

  • S6: Exploring Track Layouts

    Create custom Track Layouts to control your most important tracks

  • S6: Exploring Expand Zones

    Take dedicated control of EQ and Dynamics with a consistent interface

In-depth workflows

  • S6 Workflows: Master Module

    Speed up navigation and accessing tracks with the Master Module

  • S6 Workflows: Spill Zones

    Quickly place and access all types of tracks with Spill Zones

  • S6 Workflows: Soft Keys

    Enhance editing, mixing and monitoring with Soft Keys

  • S6 Workflows: Attention Zones

    Control plugins, dynamics, EQs, inserts and sends with Attention Zones

  • S6 Workflows: Managing Zones and VCAs

    Get the most out of zones and nested VCAs

  • S6 Workflows: Layouts

    Assign any mix of tracks to the faders with custom Layouts

  • S6 Workflows: Expand Faders

    Take custom control of plugins with Expand Faders


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