New in version 1.5

Experience full 64-bit power
Scorch now takes advantage of 64-bit iOS operating systems, delivering better performance than ever before. Especially with the latest iPads.
Get MIDI playback versatility
Want to hear what your composition sounds like with different instrumentation? You can now play back your score through an external MIDI device over Bluetooth, your network, or using a USB camera connection kit.

New in Version 1.2

Sharing scores

The Scorch toolbar now includes a Sharing menu that lets you email and print directly from Scorch.


Email a Sibelius score directly from Scorch. When you click the e-mail icon, a new e-mail message is created and the current score is attached.


Print a Sibelius score directly from Scorch.

Adjusting staff size

The Appearance menu now includes a Staff Size slider that lets you change the size of the staves in the score. Scorch automatically repaginates the score as necessary.

Displaying tempo in beats per minute

The tempo control now shows beats per minute (BPM). When you display the tempo slider, click the tempo display value to toggle between tempo percentage and beats per minute.

Importing MusicXML files

Scorch now supports the MusicXML interchange format, allowing you to import files from any notation program that supports export to MusicXML. To import a MusicXML file, add the file to the Scorch library in iTunes.

Support for Apple Retina displays

Scorch now supports Apple Retina displays. The Scorch interface and document display at high resolution on Retina devices.

Top Features

Replace your sheet music

Use your iPad as an interactive music stand and sheet music library. You can view your own Sibelius or Sibelius First scores and lead sheets—plus chart-toppers, classics, and other premium content from a variety of world-class publishers.

See, hear, and play your scores

Scorch can show your whole score—or individual parts—played on the Keyboard display. You’ll hear scores with stunning realism thanks to high-quality sampled instrument sounds. You can mix your score to suit your needs, and make music more legible by changing the text and paper texture.

Buy, share, and publish scores

It’s easy to purchase, share, and even publish scores with Scorch. Make secure, one-touch in-app purchases through your iTunes account. Send files to Scorch from apps such as Dropbox or Mail. And publish your own music for sale in the Scorch Store (requires Sibelius or Sibelius | First).

Practice and perform

Quickly learn songs or adapt them to your instrument. It’s easy to transpose a score, change instruments, or convert to and from guitar tab. Scorch can display individual parts to remove distraction and help you focus on your instrument. And when it’s time to hit the stage, use Music Stand mode to turn pages easily and give a great performance.

Get started quickly

Scorch includes a range of content and how-to material to help you get started fast. You can also find help quickly and easily with the online FAQs and support forum.

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