Camera Tracking


Advanced camera tracking solutions for every production need

Accurate camera tracking is a fundamental process for realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions. Avid, the world leader and patent holder for the majority of virtual studio and camera tracking technologies, offers a variety of camera tracking solutions to meet any production need and budget, including our new Xync 2.0 infrared system, Pattern Recognition (Grid), and opto-mechanical sensors.


Female broadcaster in virtual studio environment

Create high end virtual environments with realism, depth, and perspective


Infrared camera tracking anchor in studio green screen

Get insight into Xync ultra-accurate infrared camera tracking

Customer story

M6 Studio Shot 1200x600

M6 delivers cutting-edge on-air graphics with Avid

Product Highlights

Camera Tracking Hardware
  • Xync 2.0 infrared system
  • Pattern Recognition system
  • Opto-mechanical sensors
  • Get seamless virtual studio integration
  • Get unmatched tracking accuracy with our new Xync 2.0 system. Comprised of all-new high-resolution surveillance camera hardware and software, Xync 2.0 offers a larger multi-camera tracking area, so it requires fewer surveillance cameras. With a full 360-degree range of movement, you gain free mobility within any virtual or conventional studio, enabling you to produce the most realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions.
  • Avid's Pattern Recognition system is undoubtedly the most cost-effective tracking system available and is ideal for entry-level systems, as well as studios with a relatively large number of cameras. Pattern Recognition tracking is compatible with all types of studio cameras and lenses, and supports multi-camera productions.
  • Mounted on a pedestal or tripod, the opto-mechanical sensor offers an extremely precise and high-resolution solution for fixed position camera shots. Sensor heads retrieve the pan and tilt parameters of the camera’s movement, providing 360-degree shooting range.
  • Production efficiency is one of the key advantages that virtual studio production has over conventional sets. In addition to integrating with Maestro | Virtual Set (formerly ProSet) and Maestro | AR (formerly RealSet), our camera tracking solutions integrate and interact seamlessly with a wide range of robotic cameras, remote controlled sensor-based heads, robotic cranes, and pedestals. All you need is a single operator to run the entire production, providing huge cost savings.

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