Xync 2.0—Get extremely accurate and flexible infrared tracking

Track every move with precision

Xync 2.0 is a new and extremely flexible infrared tracking system that provides unmatched performance and accuracy for live productions. Freely move a camera anywhere within your virtual or conventional studio without limits—even with multi-camera productions. From low-angle shots, 360-degree pans, and close-ups, to crane movement and handheld camera shots while zooming in or out, your possibilities—and vantage points—are endless.

Work with your existing studio cameras

Xync 2.0 supports a wide variety of broadcast cameras, lenses, and tripods, so you can easily integrate multiple camera configurations without reliance on third-party technologies. With its 360-degree shooting range, Xync supports an unlimited number of pedestal, dolly, handheld, steady-cam, and crane-mounted cameras, giving you great flexibility—and freedom of movement—within your environment.

Track in real time

Xync processes all tracking information from all camera parameters, including the XYZ position, zoom, tilt, pan, focus, and roll settings. Using a series of sophisticated algorithms, it analyzes the data, determines the value of each variable, and feeds the tracking data directly to your Maestro | Virtual Set (formerly ProSet) and/or Maestro | AR (formerly RealSet) system—all in real time—for the most fluid motion and accuracy.

Experience seamless performance

With only a negligible two frames of total delay for the entire system, you can create complex virtual studio environments filled with 3D virtual objects and video, and operate with the confidence of delivering a smooth performance every time. Even inserting multiple full-res videos won’t add additional delay to the system.

Get complete reliability

Not only is Xync highly accurate, it’s incredibly reliable too. Its fully redundant architecture minimizes any single point of failure. To generate sufficient tracking information, it only requires that three light sources be visible—out of a total 16 available on each target—using two ceiling-mounted surveillance cameras. And it delivers dependable performance no matter how high or low the ceiling.

Pattern Recognition—Get easy tracking in an affordable system

Get cost-effective tracking

Our Pattern Recognition grid system is the most cost-effective tracking solution available, making it an ideal entry-level system. And it’s also a great fit for budget-minded studios with a relatively large number of cameras. Using proprietary algorithms, the system works by extracting a camera’s position, orientation, and field of view directly from the video signal. It’s an easy addition to any existing video environment, as it works with all types of studio cameras and lenses. It also supports multicamera productions, as well as PAL, NTSC, SD, and HD formats.

Enjoy simple set-up

Because no physical devices are mounted onto the studio cameras, system set-up is extremely simple. Just mount the grid to the blue or green box wall (choose from three grid sizes or get one customized), and the Pattern Recognition algorithm automatically extracts the camera parameters. Your virtual studio is ready to go on air in a matter of seconds.

Track movement with ease

The system employs traditional blue or green screen chroma key techniques, but with the addition of grid lines of a similar blue or green hue on top of the backdrop. The High Digital Video Processor (HDVP) processes the video signal from your studio camera, calculating its orientation, position, and zoom. The data is then streamed through the network to the Avid HDVG+ real-time graphics rendering platform, which renders the background graphics according to the tracking data. The pattern lines are completely removed in the chroma keying process. Only a small portion of the grid needs to be visible to the camera to generate precise camera tracking, identifying the camera’s pan, tilt, roll, and field of view.

Opto-mechanical sensors—Get high-precision tracking for fixed cameras

Track stationary camera shots

Mounted on a pedestal or tripod, our opto-mechanical sensor heads offer an extremely precise and high-resolution solution for fixed-position camera shots. Each sensor retrieves the pan and tilt parameters of a camera’s movement, allowing for a 360-degree shooting range. Zoom and focus tracking data is derived from both analog and digital lenses, while maintaining support for all types of lenses.

Instantly calibrate positioning with accuracy

Our unique sensor technology enables an instant calibration process for camera positioning. During the initial setup, a few reference points are marked and stored, enabling production to operate continuously while the tracking data is retrieved. The system’s high accuracy is achieved by sampling over 1,000,000 reads per 360 degrees, enabling you to frame extreme close-up shots—even with long distances and fast camera movements.

Boost your efficiency and capabilities

Because the sensors can transmit the camera’s tracking data information in several ways, they increase your studio and field capabilities. Whether you want to use the camera audio channel, saving the burden and costs involved in laying additional cables between your studio and control room, or Ethernet to send the tracking data on the same system network, this solution will greatly increase your efficiency.

Extend your tracking capabilities

Integrate third-party systems

Not only can you use Avid tracking solutions together, you can also integrate them with our connectivity partners’ systems, extending your tracking options to include encoded cranes, manual and robotic pedestals, and other devices. Use our solutions with gear from Vinten, Vinten Radamec, Shotoku, Telemetrics, Mo-Sys, Thoma, General Lift, Ross Video, Kronomav, Egripment, Stype GRIP, TechnoDolly, and many other partners.

Integrate with crane systems

Our solutions easily integrate with all “sensorized” crane systems, giving you great flexibility. These include camera cranes that have been modified to include sensors, such as rigs from Egripment, Stype GRIP, and General Lift, and cranes specifically designed for virtual studio orientation, with built-in encoders, including Mo-Sys, Technocrane, and Shotoku systems.

Integrate a variety of pedestals

Our tracking systems also integrate with all manual and robotic pedestals available in the market today, giving you extremely precise tracking and endless possibilities. These lightweight, motorized camera pedestals feature built-in encoders that measure the movement of the pedestal in the studio through manual or remote (robotic) control. This combination provides precise, real-time electronic positioning over the floor and in elevation.

Integrate Ncam

You can also pair our solutions with Ncam, which provides complete position and rotation information, plus focal length and focus. Ncam uses industry-standard protocols that are compatible with any virtual reality and augmented reality graphics system. Simply transfer tracking data over the Free-D protocol to your Avid tracking system and render engine to match the camera’s movement with the graphics inside or outside of your studio.

Integrate Kronomav technology

Together with Kronomav’s new protocol and our virtual studio and AR systems, Avid gives broadcasters the ability to track movement on a straight or curved line within the studio using the K2 robotized curved dolly system. With this partnership, you can create richer productions, with endless possibilities for both virtual studios and immersive graphics in your real one.

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