FastServe Playout

Deliver breaking stories fast with versatile broadcast video servers designed to accelerate rundown-based news production. FastServe | Playout tightly integrates with MediaCentral, empowering news teams to get on-air immediately, as the story continues to unfold.

Get fully integrated news playout

FastServe | Playout integrates into any Avid news playout environment, including MediaCentral and iNEWS. Its Send to Playback engine enables broadcast playout while media is being transferred from timeline to server. It integrates with MediaCentral | Command for news rundown control, and other common studio automation controllers, for a fast, accurate, and highly redundant news playout workflow.

Deliver multi-format content quickly

Supports a wide range of codecs and wrappers for back-to-back video and graphics playout in fast-paced news environments. It offers up to 16 TB of RAID-protected internal storage, plus direct media playback from Avid NEXIS, accelerating response time.
Multi format content

Consolidate video, image, and graphics playout

FastServe | Playout can control video, image, and motion graphics playout from a single solution. Through tight integrations with MediaCentral, FastServe | Playout offers a holistic and streamlined workflow for end-to-end UHD/HD playback.
Consolidate playout

Get reliable performance

FastServe | Playout is robustly built to address the most demanding production environments, with no single point of failure. The more compact G2 server is equipped with hot-swappable dual power supplies, dual port network connections, and RAID-protected hard disks running on a stable Linux operating system, ensuring smooth operation and reliability with reduced power consumption.
Reliable performance

Boost your ROI

FastServe | Playout’s high channel count streamlines the studio workflow, requiring fewer broadcast video servers while reducing costs. It integrates easily into any broadcast environment and protects your capital investment.
FastServe Playout remote console
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