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Interplay | Access is a web-based client for Interplay | Production, providing access to the Interplay workgroup from any location worldwide. Interplay | Access unifies a breadth of capabilities previously available only by running multiple applications, and makes them available anywhere. With Interplay | Access, team members distributed around your facility or collaborating around the world can easily work with and add value to any media and any asset, on any connected workgroup.


  • Tools and services
  • All assets, multiple workgroups
  • Custom views
  • Distributed workflows
  • Video modes
  • Platform choice
  • Interplay | Access provides the ability to trigger Interplay media services. Users have the ability to launch new Interplay | Transcode jobs to flatten entire audio/video sequences while transcoding to any format for distribution, or set Interplay | Delivery to select a transfer resolution and send associated media to another workgroup—all from their own desktop interface. In conjunction with the Interplay | Archive media service, users can search, manage, and restore archived material.

  • The Interplay | Access interface presents frame-accurate video capabilities and the Interplay | Production asset database in one friendly view. Users can search for assets across multiple workgroups, browse the project folder structure, perform frame-accurate shot selection, add locators and comments, review/approve edits, send messages with media links, add and modify media metadata, graphics, effects, scripts, spreadsheets, or other project-related files and their version histories—all in their native applications.

  • The Interplay | Access user interface has customizable layouts for each authorized user. On log-in, whether from their desktop at the studio or laptop out in the field, users can see as much or as little information as is assigned and appropriate to their role on the project.

  • As a web-based client for Interplay | Production, Interplay | Access provides access to the Interplay workgroup from any location worldwide. With a 1Mb/s or higher VPN connection to the facility with a Mac or PC, up to 100 remote contributors can work with high quality H.264 media proxies anytime, anywhere. Log into multiple workgroups at the same time, get a global view of assets, and drive intelligent background transfers between workgroups—without sacrificing productive time, and without distance constraints.

  • With just this one simple and portable tool, producers, loggers, assistants or journalists can review footage, place locators on the footage with text and color codes assigned to each locator, mark in and out points to create a subclip, and combine these subclips into a shotlist.

  • Interplay | Access is a lightweight, cross-platform application designed to run on any standard Mac OS X or Windows laptop. No direct connection to Avid storage is needed. There's no requirement for a particular video card configuration as long as the system can support most consumer media players. Base client hardware configuration is a common CPU with 2GHz Intel processor and 1 GB of RAM.


Visit the Avid Knowledge Base for documentation, compatibility info, user guides, and more.

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