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Important: Please note that while Interplay | MAM Foundation will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Asset Management—a powerful new integrated workflow solution that provides advanced media asset management for news and post-production teams. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.

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Interplay | MAM Foundation is a solution that utilizes Interplay | MAM technology to deliver key workflows covering the most common access, media operations, and asset protection needs of your organization. Comprised of Interplay | MAM software, workflow automation, and partner products along with Avid professional services and support, the Interplay | MAM Foundation is an efficient and economical way to streamline your essential media operations and archive.


  • Get started quickly
  • Manage, protect, access
  • Accelerate your workflows
  • Grow without limits
  • Interplay | MAM Foundation provides an efficient and focused approach to implementing file-based media asset workflows that help businesses meet budget and logistical constraints under tight deadlines. This complete quick start solution utilizes the power of Interplay | MAM technology to deliver key workflows linked to a core archive capability. It also offers Avid professional services, training, support and partner products in an efficient solution that simplifies and improves media operations.

  • Media asset management needs to manage, protect, and provide full access to media through the ability to browse, select, edit, and annotate. Built on a flexible service-oriented architecture, the Interplay | MAM Foundation solution offers a standards-compliant data model with over 350 pre-defined metadata fields. The Interplay | MAM Desktop web application provides local or remote users easy access using a comprehensive tool with a professional grade frame-accurate media player to find, view, shot-list, and collaborate through an array of views.

  • Interplay | MAM Foundation improves and accelerates your workflows by connecting with your systems and managing your media processes. Interplay | MAM Foundation workflow support spans the key functions of file import, proxy creation, and transcoding between formats, automated media movement to and from archive or nearline storage, and file export operations. Unique interoperation with Interplay Production workgroups enables richer, time-saving workflows with central archiving capabilities.

  • Designed to grow and adapt with you, every industry-leading Interplay | MAM capability is available. As your needs expand, you can add clients, integrations, workflows, and services to adapt to market demands and changes. Seamlessly interoperate with Interplay production workgroups and log, edit, search and administer the system with powerful user tools.

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