Avid Professional Services for Interplay | MAM

  • Configuration—Configure your system to your unique workflows, system integrations, and business needs
  • IntegrationsIntegrate your existing third-party databases, libraries, and other systems, enabling you to use Interplay | MAM to search and locate assets across all systems
  • Data modelCustomize the fully flexible metadata model to your business and media requirements, enabling you to work with metadata in the specifications you need
  • New WorkflowsWhen configuration isn't enough, Avid Professional Services can design custom workflows for your unique challenges and needs, from media operations and orchestration, to content workflow, archive, and media lifecycle management
  • Phased deliveryFor larger business "transformational" projects, get detailed analysis of your business and current workflows, a deep understanding of what your business will look like in the end, and exceptional project management and service across large multi-phased system implementations
  • Possible change managementGet help with managing the changes your new system may bring, including facilitating closer user collaboration, training, and support
  • Multi-domainInstall Interplay | MAM across multiple servers and/or virtual machines in more than one location

Optional components

  • File Analysis-Extracts technical metadata from video files
  • Media Rewrapping Service-Rewraps files to a different format (ideal for MXF video)
  • Resource Manager-Optimizes your infrastructure usage
  • Telestream Vantage Connector-Enables a connection to Vantage for transcoding (OEM license for Vantage available)
  • Harmonic WFS ProMedia Carbon Connector-Enables a connection to ProMedia Carbon for transcoding

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