Interplay | Move

Important: Please note that while Interplay | Move will continue to be marketed for the time being, it will be replaced in the coming months by MediaCentral | Move—a new integrated MediaCentral service that makes it easy to adjust your storage workspaces to meet changing production needs and maintain optimal balance between system performance and capacity. Please check out the link to learn more or contact your account manager or reseller.


To help get the most out of your Avid ISIS shared storage media network, the Interplay | Move media service makes it easy to quickly adjust to changing needs and maintain optimal balance between performance and capacity. Move is the best way to shift media to and from Mirrored and RAID 6 storage groups and raise the efficiency of your Avid ISIS storage.


  • Get more from your storage
  • Handle change
  • Distributed Media Services
  • Use the most cost-effective Avid ISIS shared storage during production with Interplay | Move. Users can choose to move media from online to nearline storage depending on scheduling and bandwidth needs.

  • To accommodate operational or programming changes, free up space for long-term or temporary needs, or keep low resolution proxies on-line, Interplay | Move makes it easy to respond to changing needs by moving Avid media at high speed between two workspaces, while keeping folder structures intact.

  • Interplay | Move leverages the same resource-efficient and rule-based Interplay | Production Services job brokering technology as Interplay | TranscodeInterplay | CopyInterplay | Delivery and Interplay | Archive. Interplay | Production Services reduce workflow, editing, and administrative time and cost by swiftly and intelligently handling non-creative tasks in the background.


Visit the Avid Knowledge Base for documentation, compatibility info, user guides, and more.

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