ISIS | 7500


The cornerstone of collaboration

Today, much more footage is being shot per project. And facilities continue to accelerate the digitization of older assets. With ISIS | 7500, you get a reliable online storage system to share, protect, and optimize volumes of media at the highest level of efficiency. Get real-time HD and 4K editorial collaboration. Scale up to 3 PB of raw storage. And get the assured media delivery you need to complete projects faster while protecting what matters most—your assets.

Product highlights

  • Built for real-time collaboration
  • Gain a smarter, more open workflow
  • Get elegant simplicity, with exceptional power
  • Experience the Avid advantage
  • Get a system designed for media professionals. Not only does ISIS | 7500 enable collaboration, it encourages it, enabling up to 330 contributors to connect and simultaneously access the same media. Work with high-res media—in real time—with support for third-party 2K/4K creative applications. Share up to 10 million files. And scale any workgroup or workspace on the fly to handle changes quickly.

  • More than just shared storage, ISIS | 7500 is a workflow-connected platform that tightly integrates with Avid ingest, asset management, editing, and playout systems. Get a completely optimized end-to-end workflow. Integrate with Avid and third-party applications. And work with a wide variety of high-res media formats, including Avid DNxHR, REDCODE 5K, ProRes, XAVC, and more.

  • From intuitive, web-based system management tools to the highly efficient file system, ISIS | 7500 is the easiest, most reliable way to store assets. Scale bandwidth and capacity on the fly. Get reliable data protection with RAID 5. And gain more time to focus on creative work, thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture, which intelligently handles data redistribution. You get predictable performance under all load conditions.

  • You can use Premiere, Final Cut, and other third-party products with ISIS | 7500. But you’ll gain many benefits when you use it with an Avid product. Share bins and projects with other Media Composer editors to collaborate on sequences. No need to copy files or start from scratch. And protect and optimize media delivery when used with Pro Tools.