MADI-192 MADI Option Card

Venue MADI card

Bring high-channel, high-quality MADI connectivity to VENUE | S6L with this easy-to-install audio interface card. The MADI-192 MADI Option Card enables you to send and receive up to 64 channels of audio per card between S6L and any MADI audio device, such as an external audio mixer, recorder, or processor, including Waves SoundGrid systems. You can install up to four MADI cards in the E6L-192 or E6L-144 engine for up to 256 channels of bi-directional audio.


  • Work with tons of channels
  • Achieve pristine sound
  • Get real-time Waves processing
  • The MADI Option Card makes it easy to support the largest live audio productions. Each card can provide up to 64 channels of bi-directional audio at 96 kHz. Simply add more cards to increase your channel count—up to 256.

  • Each MADI card provides four premium BNC connectors and a single BNC Word Clock output connector. This enables you to stream a large number of audio channels and keep things in sync over two simple lightweight cables, without any signal degradation.

  • Through MADI, you can integrate S6L with Waves SoundGrid systems, enabling you to run your favorite Waves reverbs, EQs, dynamics, and other plugins right alongside your VENUE AAX ones.

System Requirements

  • VENUE | S6L system running VENUE 5.3 and higher software


 Audio channel support (per card)
 Up to 64 channels of bi-directional audio at 96 kHz
 Four MADI BNC connectors, one BNC Word Clock output connector
 Card connection
 PCIe for installation in any E6L engine
 Maximum card/channel support
 Up to four cards in either an E6L-192 or E6L-144 engine (for a maximum total of 256 channels)

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