Get a complete 3D graphics workflow

Present content in creative ways

Maestro | AR makes it easy to produce, insert, and control 3D virtual objects in any virtual or real-world studio environment. Map graphics and video onto any object in your scene, whether you’re broadcasting from inside a studio or outdoors. Import 3D objects into a scene to add more visual interest. Even dress up your studio with unique set pieces and displays to complement a program or theme.

Create eye-catching graphics

Maestro | AR integrates seamlessly with Maestro | Designer to generate all graphical elements. Import 3D objects—along with their geometry, textures, and animation—from 3ds Max, Maya, and other modeling software directly into Maestro | Designer for further enhancement and for use in any Maestro | AR environment. Once an object is associated with camera tracking information, it remains tied to its position in the studio regardless of the camera’s motion.

Get complete control

Once you’ve inserted an object into a scene, you retain full control of its scale, position, angle, and other parameters. In addition, you can load and trigger multiple scenes at the same time using Maestro | AR's unique dynamic scene blending capabilities. You can also control and trigger standard non-tracked graphics, such as lower thirds, full frames, and tickers. Add Maestro | News or Maestro | Live and you can control all augmented reality graphics and video wall content from one interface.

Make your production pop

Want to make your broadcasts really stand out? Enable presenters to interact with inserted 3D graphics and objects. Events can be simulated in real-time in the studio, making it easy to produce exciting shots. Because all inserted 3D graphics are rendered in real time, you can assure a perfect and accurate perspective of the object within your environment at all times, angles, and camera movements. As if it’s really there.

Bring excitement indoors

In addition to adding 3D graphics, you can also insert multiple video streams and clips into your studio environment. Using video-to-texture-mapping technology, you can map the inserted videos on any object in the scene using drag and drop. Virtual screens, such as LCDs and plasmas, can be inserted into your studio. Or animate huge video monitors from the studio floor and place them anywhere.

Take production outdoors

All of this augmented reality magic isn’t confined just to your studio. You can superimpose 3D graphics and videos anywhere outside of it too. On practically anything. Map graphics across buildings, along rivers, or on any other object in the environment. Or place and blend 3D virtual objects into a scene or landscape as if they were always a part of it.

Add full-res video and animation

Powered by the Maestro | Engine real-time rendering platform, Maestro | AR enables you to insert up to 8 different full-resolution 3G/HD streams over SDI to further enhance your virtual or conventional studio environment. Play and integrate multiple AVI, QuickTime, DV, DV25, MPEG, and other commonly used video clip formats to add more dimension to your presentations.

Produce beautiful graphics in real time

Get the dedicated hardware rendering power you need to composite high-res graphics, video, text, and data into stunning visuals for any type of real-time graphics production. Maestro | Engine offers a scalable future-proof solution that supports SD, HD, 3G, UHD, and HDR workflows.

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Integrate workflows and new revenue streams

Get a fully integrated workflow

Maestro | AR relies on Maestro | News and Maestro | TX controllers to manage the production process. Maestro | News offers immediate access to external databases, embedded preview windows, and playlists, supporting last-minute changes. Maestro | TX lets you introduce non-sequential logic and rules to graphics and interactivity with its flexible controller. Maestro | AR also seamlessly integrates with Maestro | Virtual Set and major newsroom and automation systems, including MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, iNEWS, ENPS, OCTOPUS, Dalet, and Control Air.

Create eye-catching product placement

The most effective advertisements are the ones seen and remembered. Ensure that your ads capture viewer attention by inserting them into your studio environment and making them an integral part of your production. Maestro | AR makes it even easier by offering an alternative channel for generating advertisement and sponsorship revenues.

Integrate with a variety of camera tracking systems

Maestro | AR uniquely integrates with a variety of third-party camera tracking technology solutions. Choose a system that meets your production needs and budget, including Camera Robotics heads, opto-mechanical sensors (sensor heads/pedestals), and sensorized cranes.