Maestro | Engine
Motherboard AIC Grus
Graphics card NVIDIA RTX 4000
CPU Intel E5-2620 v4
Operating system CentOS 7.4 with customized kernel
Memory 32 GB DDR4
Internal storage 2 x 128 GB system disk (RAID 1)
4 x 2 TB hard disks for clip storage (RAID10)
Ethernet 2 x 1000 BASE-T (RJ45)
Ports 1 Serial
2 USB (front)
2 USB (rear)
Control interfaces

1 x Serial
4 x USB
2 x Ethernet (1Gbit)

Supported video standards

3G: ST 425-1:2014 (Level A)

HD: ST 260:1999, ST 295:1997, ST 274:2008

SD: ST 259:2008 ITU-R BT.601

IP: ST2022-6, ST2110, NewTek NDI

Video in (mixer) One per channel             
Video in (insertion) Up to 8 3G/HD/SD SDI or up to 4 3G/HD inputs             
Video output

Up to 2 (3G) or 4 (HD/SD) SDI inputs or up to 4 (3G/HD) IP inputs;
video key compositing configurable; internal linear keyer and chroma keyer

Video references Bi / Tri level sync
Audio Embedded audio support: 20-bit/48 kHz in SD and 24-bit/48 kHz in HD
Clip options Video to texture mapping of AVI, QuickTime, DV, DVC25, and MPEG files (optional)
Video bypass Mechanical bypasses (optional), Watchdog on each DSK
Size (H x W x D) Height: 5.1 in (130 mm) 
Width: 17.4 in (443 mm) 
Depth: 22.8 in (650 mm) 
Weight 37.5 lbs (17 kg) approximate
Power supply Redundant power supply: 100–240 V
Frequency: 47–63 Hz
2 x 800W (max)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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