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State-of-the-art, real-time broadcast graphics creation

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production. Maestro | Designer gives you unprecedented creative power and speed to design and deliver practically anything you can imagine—effortlessly. It works with your favorite design and 3D modeling tools too. From creating on-air motion graphics, channel branding, and sports enhancements, to designing immersive video walls and interactive virtual studios, Maestro | Designer makes it easy to bring your content—and brand—to life. And now with new support for HDR workflows and 2SI video I/O, you gain even greater creative capabilities than ever before.

Why upgrade to Maestro | Designer?

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Real-time rendering power to produce stunning graphics

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SIC TV using Avid broadcast graphics solutions in studio

SIC TV Builds Broadcast Graphics Factory to Engage Viewers and Lower Costs

Product Highlights

Interface of Maestro Designer 3D animation software
  • Gain greater graphics efficiency
  • Captivate viewers with stunning real-time graphics
  • Create once, use many times
  • Maximize production with minimal resources
  • Got MediaCentral? Maestro | Designer now offers a new MediaCentral | Cloud UX panel within its interface, enabling graphic designers to search, browse, access, edit, archive, and recall assets and content shared across your MediaCentral production ecosystem. Designers using MediaCentral | Cloud UX can also locate, collaborate on, and distribute indexed content from anywhere, using any device, making it fast and easy to repurpose assets.

  • To keep audiences engaged, you need to keep them informed—whether you’re delivering breaking news, sports highlights, or what’s coming up next. Maestro | Designer enables you to create entertaining 2D/3D motion graphics and present information visually in compelling ways—all in real time in UHD or HD and in HDR and SDR. It’s the fastest and easiest way to achieve that polished, high-end look in your broadcasts—no pre-rendering content, scripting, or programming required.

  • Getting content on air as quickly as possible is critical to every broadcaster’s success. With Maestro | Designer, you can create the perfect graphic for the subject at hand and use it as a template that can be updated dynamically multiple times throughout your production. You can even have graphics update automatically as information changes—ideal for covering the latest election results, sports scores, stock prices, and weather updates.

  • No need to have dedicated and expensive rendering hardware just for authoring. Maestro | Designer works on Windows in conjunction with Maestro | RenderEngine, a powerful real-time 3D graphics rendering engine application. It’s the foundation of all Avid real-time graphics systems, providing the tools you need to create dynamic graphics quickly while leveraging your existing graphics tools and workflows for the greatest time and cost efficiency. And with support for the new Maestro | Engine real-time graphics and video rendering platform, you gain greater performance and capabilities to take today's production into the future.

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