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Maestro | Designer using FBX importer

Learn how to use the FBX importer with virtual characters when using Maestro | Designer

Maestro | Designer schematic view

Manage complex data-driven scenes easily

Embedding graphics into MediaCentral

Create graphics, populate templates and playout with Maestro | Graphic’s integration

Asset Management Integration

Search, browse, access, and recall media shared across your MediaCentral production


Archive graphics scenes into MediaCentral | Asset Management

Skeletal Animations

Directly Import third-party FBX 3D models

Control Interface

Set up and control data and preview how a scene will function on air

New line graph

Quickly and easily add different styles of line graphs to your scenes

Geometry Modifiers

Create new shapes and animation in real time by manipulating geometry

Isometric Camera

Give scenes a “2.5D” look using camera isometric object rendering

Pixel Lightning

Add a whole new level of realism with super smooth surface rendering

Soft Edge Texture

Easily mask objects without reliance on external texture files

Extended Cut-out Editor

Create more complex cross sections in the cut-out editor

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