Maestro | Interactive

Broadcaster using interactive graphics created with Maestro Interactive

Turn graphics into interactive objects

Bring impactful visual storytelling to broadcasts and enlighten and entertain your audience. Maestro | Interactive is a complete production package that enables you to create and deploy interactive content for story enhancement. Using an iPad or TUIO-enabled touchscreen, on-air talent can take control of the entire visual presentation, from manipulating graphics on a single screen to unfolding story elements across video walls. And because Maestro | Interactive seamlessly integrates with many touchscreen providers, it easily adapts to meet your production needs, scale, and budget.

New product

Front of Maestro Engine hardware for broadcast graphics

Real-time rendering power to produce stunning graphics


  • Elevate your production
  • Get unlimited control
  • Make your existing studio interactive
  • Empower your on-air talent to present content in more dynamic and organic ways to enhance your sports programming, election coverage, morning shows, weather segments, and news presentations. Simply define which graphical elements in your scene you want to make interactive and specify the type of action to occur when activated, such as changing a graphic’s appearance, triggering a video to play, or pulling up new content.

  • Maestro | Interactive gives you total control over any interactive object through countless gestures. Rotate, scale, move, drag, tap, hold, draw on, and highlight graphics as you unfold the narrative in your story. And with support for single, dual, and multitouch displays, you have the flexibility to interact directly with content displayed on screens across your studio, or control content using a portable touchscreen device, giving you freedom of movement.

  • Maestro | Interactive integrates seamlessly into your existing graphics creation workflow and doesn't require additional programming or scripting. When interactive objects are touched, the controller responds by triggering actions in your production. This enables you to build and maintain regular productions and add interactivity only to the elements that require it.