Control and direct content

Interact directly with graphic elements

As presenters touch objects on screen, they can control how their story unfolds by triggering different events within the graphic’s templates. For example, meteorologists could highlight areas of rainfall on a map by tapping cities that then change color or display a rain graphic to provide visual feedback. They could then use gestures to zoom in and out of the map, set an animation in motion, swipe to a new display, draw on screen, and more to further their forecast.

Integrate live web content

Incorporate social media, news, and other website sources into your presentations with the Maestro | Interactive (formerly Interact) web browser interface. While on air, presenters can display and interact with live webpages from any Windows-based web browser, including Facebook, YouTube, news websites, and more to lend credibility and visual richness to their report. 

Add realism to your design

Whether your presenters are rotating, scaling, moving, dragging, dropping, tapping, holding, drawing, or highlighting an interactive element on screen, you can bring a sense of reality to their interaction and motion. That’s because Maestro | Interactive enables you to add physical properties, such as mass and inertia, to elements, giving a new level of realism to the interactive graphics. 

Make studios and walls interactive

When using Maestro | Interactive on air to view content on a touchscreen, viewers only see you interacting with the onscreen graphics. The creation and the controller preparations are identical to preparing “standard” interactive graphics, colored in blue or green, so that the control content is visible to the presenter, but keyed out during production. This makes it easy to create and interact with more compelling and immersive environments, boosting your production value.

Work flexibly in your existing environment

Maintain your current workflow

No need to invest in new graphics tools. Maestro | Interactive works with your existing graphics creation workflow and doesn't require programming or scripting. You can even turn an existing graphics template interactive in minutes. There’s also no hold-up, as the presenter can control the flow of the production without waiting for someone in production to change the graphics.

Work with an array of displays

Maestro | Interactive seamlessly integrates with many different touchscreen devices and manufacturers, supporting single, dual, and multitouch displays. Work with what you have or choose a device that best suits your budget and production style. Any touchscreen that supports the TUIO protocol will work, enabling you to control content with such unique devices as radarTOUCH, U-TOUCH, and primeTOUCH.

Integrate with real and virtual studios

Because any graphic element can be made interactive, you can use Maestro | Interactive to control content on a real screen or as virtual objects in your studio. Once set, a graphic object can respond to your  presenter’s taps, holds, and gestures. You can even have the graphics display in different states according to where the presenters are standing during the production, freeing them to tell the story.

Produce beautiful graphics in real time

Maestro | Interactive supports the new Maestro | Engine platform, giving you the dedicated hardware rendering power you need to composite high-res graphics, video, text, and data into stunning visuals for any type of real-time graphics production. This scalable future-proof solution supports SD, HD, 3G, UHD, and HDR workflows.

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