Maestro | News

Complete end-to-end real-time graphics and video production

Complete end-to-end real-time graphics and video production

From newscasts to sports programming, the visual needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro | News offers an industry-leading suite of broadcast graphics applications that enables teams to collaboratively create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, real-time graphics. With deep MediaCentral integration and support for third-party NRCS, video editing, and automation systems, it offers a seamless workflow environment to accelerate graphics production.

What's new

RTVE Catalunya unlocks new creativity with Maestro to engage audiences

RTVE Catalunya unlocks new creativity to engage audiences


Create graphics, populate templates and playout with Maestro | News integration with MediaCentral

Create graphics, populate templates and playout with Maestro | News integration with MediaCentral


SIC TV using Avid broadcast graphics solutions in studio

SIC TV Builds Broadcast Graphics Factory to Engage Viewers and Lower Costs

Product Highlights

Interface for news graphics tool Maestro News
  • Take control of your entire production
  • Gain ultimate workflow efficiency
  • Bring content to air faster
  • From on-air and interactive graphics to 3D objects and high-res video wall content, Maestro | News provides everything you need for full end-to-end graphics production. Create real-time graphics with the included Maestro | Designer authoring software. Then compose templates and take command of your live show with Maestro | News. And get exceptional rendering power, play capabilities, and I/O flexibility for the future by integrating Maestro | Engine.
  • Maestro | News integrates with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and other newsroom and editing systems to simplify and speed production workflows. Find and access MediaCentral assets quickly and directly in Maestro | News. Interact with Maestro | News graphics in MediaCentral from anywhere, using any device. Retrieve MediaCentral and iNEWS rundowns without MOS. And add MAM capabilities for even greater collaborative efficiency.
  • At its core, Maestro | News is a robust content playout device that significantly speeds up video turnaround, so you can be the first to air. Play back sequences without having to flatten projects or transcode media, eliminating the time spent on rendering files. You can even play media directly from Avid NEXIS or transfer content to a playout device.

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