Control and manage displays with ease

Engage viewers with compelling imagery

Maestro | PowerWall makes it easy to entertain and inform audiences while significantly boosting your studio’s “wow” factor. Incorporate real-time 3D graphics, video, augmented reality content, live tickers, and other media into your production across an unlimited number of video walls and studio displays—regardless of the aspect ratio, size, shape, and resolution—to help tell your story. Plus, it provides up to eight internal HD clip players, eliminating the need for external hardware.

Go big—really big

No need for an expensive video scaler. Maestro | PowerWall can display content at up to 16x the size of your HD-SDI video outputs, and up to 8x the size of your 1080p outputs, to fill the biggest video walls. You can also display SD, HD, Ultra HD, 3G, 4K, and other high-res formats simultaneously across inputs and outputs. Or even display 4K clips in their full resolution using four HD-SDI outputs to a video wall.

Create graphic layouts instantly

With the new production manager tools, Maestro | PowerWall operators, graphic designers, and set designers can quickly create and customize how graphics templates are used. It delivers significant pre-production efficiency, enabling teams to respond and adapt immediately to different production needs and changes. Not only does it expedite the fastest time to air—from graphics concept to playout—it eliminates the need for external resources and minimizes complexity and set-up time, reducing costs.

Control content with ease

Maestro | PowerWall features a redesigned interface that’s sleeker and more intuitive to use, lowering the learning curve for operators and graphic designers. Take full control of all rich media across your video walls, studio displays, and set from a single touchscreen. From assigning and playing content, to controlling different production areas—independently or simultaneously to meet your needs—Maestro | PowerWall makes the art of presentation easy.

Gain smoother operation

With its completely revamped architecture and rewritten code base, Maestro | PowerWall offers greater performance and robust reliability to withstand the pressure of live playout. Even in the largest, most video display-intensive studios. From mapping content to nonconventional video walls and managing production, to integrating new technologies into your workflow, Maestro | PowerWall speeds and eases the process.

Map content to any display

Got unconventional video walls in your studio? Maestro | PowerWall has you and your display army covered. Using the built-in pixel base router, based on a canvas module, you can quickly “slice” and map any high-resolution source (or Maestro | PowerWall output) to fit each video wall’s unique size and aspect ratio. Plus, you can create content in the actual aspects and orientation of the display that will present it, enabling you to focus more on creating than any technical restraints.

Interact with live sources

To maintain the highest production value, the talent in your studio needs to be able to interact fluidly with any live feeds (talking heads). With its constant internal 2-frame delay on all processing, Maestro | PowerWall minimizes delay when interacting with live video sources, so your presentation is always snappy.

Tell captivating stories visually

In addition to your rich video wall content, Maestro | PowerWall can control augmented reality graphics placed within your studio set too. Its advanced UI tools ensure that your graphics interact and maintain perfect sync with your studio display content to convey a unified story. This enables you to easily manage and drive both types of content from a single solution, providing a holistic experience for both the user and viewer.

Preview content before play time

Only Maestro | PowerWall offers dynamic program/preview, enabling you to confidently verify content before it goes on air. This unique feature provides an actual replica of your entire studio’s displays—along with their positions, orientations, and aspect ratios—on a single monitor. No need for in-studio spy cams or other “creative” solutions to see what’s going on in the studio. Plus, it provides a preview channel, so you can ensure that the “coming up next” content is always correct.

Streamline your workflow

Automate your studio workflow

Maestro | PowerWall delivers a complete end-to-end solution, integrating seamlessly into existing control room workflows and devices. It works with any type of display, including LED, LCD, plasma, rear projection, and projector. It supports all major vision mixers and video routers, including those from Grass Valley, Ross, Sony, Snell & Wilcox, Blackmagic Design, Evertz, and NVision. It also integrates with GV Ignite, Sony ELC, and other automation systems to facilitate automated rundown workflows.

Bring editorial content to studio displays

Got MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, iNEWS, or other NRCS? You can generate editorial content directly from your newsroom software, insert it into your Maestro | PowerWall rundown, and trigger it manually or automatically, making it ideal for fast-paced studio news production.

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