New features

Produce beautiful graphics in real time—just added
Maestro | Telestrator supports the new Maestro | Engine platform, giving you the dedicated hardware rendering power you need to composite high-res graphics, video, text, and data into stunning visuals for any type of real-time graphics production. This scalable future-proof solution supports SD, HD, 3G, UHD, and (coming soon) HDR workflows and makes it easy to transition from SDI to video over IP workflows whenever you're ready.

Discover Maestro | Engine

Gain greater speed and ease

Thanks to its tight Avid production integration, Maestro | Telestrator provides richer, more efficient workflows than ever before. Ingest/import video from any source. Add graphics and send content directly to air or to a playout server, storage, OTT distribution, or other application. Share material across your entire production. And instantly access footage, tag clips with metadata, and automate export to Avid NEXIS and check in to Interplay | Production immediately, maximizing efficiency.

Create higher quality content

Maestro | Telestrator now offers full 1080p support for both graphics and video content, so your organization can create and present stunning visuals quickly in the highest quality possible. In fact, it’s the only solution in the industry that offers a combination 1080p video server and high-end graphics renderer all in one box. And because it features a dedicated built-in video input channel, it frees up an otherwise expensive production channel for other uses.

Match tools to talent

With the new Studio layout, which provides slicker, more streamlined interface modes, your talent can telestrate in front of the camera in the studio, without the software drawing a lot of attention. Support up to two commentators on a single touchscreen. Position tools for lefties and righties. You can even change layouts for studio talent, pre-show and live-game commentators, and other scenarios.

Create at the game and in the studio

Maestro | Telestrator’s intuitive and simple-to-operate workflows make it easy to give fans a more engaging experience—whether you’re in the booth at a live sports event or in the studio, creating enhancements for your pre- and post-game shows. And with the new live telestration mode, you can draw graphics directly onto live video—including replays—to give viewers a better visual understanding of the action.

Work with new graphics and tools

Get more design options and versatility to cover a wider range of sports action. Access new and improved 2D and 3D arrows, a full package of baseball graphics, player cloning features, a free hand drawing tool, customized shapes, full-frame zoom effects, and more.

Choose multiple points of interest

No need to focus all of your creative efforts on just one point of play. With Maestro | Telestrator, you can now define multiple pauses in the video clip using the new POI (points of interest) editor. You can also customize the pause timing in seconds for each point of interest and set the next clip to autoplay once the current clip ends. And once you’re finished with the story, you can now export your clips to a watch folder for later use.

Enjoy even easier operation

Based on feedback from our users, we’ve made Maestro | Telestrator even faster and easier to use. The latest version offers a significant amount of workflow enhancements and improvements, including enabling you to save graphics with a story, draw 2D graphics anytime, remove irrelevant projects with the cleaner tool, tap to play a story, lock graphics, and more.

Create a more engaging sports viewing experience

Illustrate gameplay effectively

Highlight the action using a library of ready-made graphic elements. From arrows, player markers, and nametags, to distance measurement tools and camera flight animations, you can visually express and analyze every facet of gameplay. Modify an element’s color, size, text, and other attributes. Highlight plays with Monochrome, Magnifier, and other eye-catching effects. Or create your own graphics for use in Maestro | Telestrator using Maestro | Designer.

Enhance basketball productions

Enhance American football productions

Add on-field graphics

Easily place graphics anywhere on the field—as if they were a part of it. From field markers and flags, to team logos and sponsors, the built-in chroma keyer makes it easy to create seamless composites. And adjustments take just a couple seconds. This ensures that all field-perspective graphics are drawn under the players’ feet—not blocking plays or other players.

Turn around content faster

Maestro | Telestrator is designed to help you work efficiently in live sports production—without requiring any technical expertise. Add enhancements right in time for the first replay. Highlight controversial plays by pausing video at a desired moment and illustrating your analysis. And create and play out stories in seconds for pre-game, in-game, and post-game analysis. In addition, Maestro | Telestrator can be used with FastServe | Live Edit servers too.

Raise revenue while lowering costs

Maestro | Telestrator gives you the opportunity to generate new revenue—without increasing costs. Simply add advertisements and promos to any video clip to increase your return on investment. And because there’s no need for an external video server or dedicated operator, you can enrich your production without increasing expenses.

Enhance any sport

Maestro | Telestrator can be used to amplify your coverage of any type of sports event. Captivate football and American football fans. Bring excitement to baseball and cricket games. Even illustrate the play-by-play action on everything from hockey to horseracing. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to set up and use—in the studio or in the broadcast truck.

Get powerful performance and simple operation

Streamline production

With the Maestro | Telestrator engine, you get a high-performance, cost-effective solution to streamline your production. This all-in-one 2-channel digital video server and graphics rendering platform enables you to record video, grab the footage, and play it to air quickly—directly from your touchscreen. It also offers reliable system redundancy, providing a fail-safe backup for peace of mind.

Enjoy simple operation

Anyone can operate Maestro | Telestrator using its easy-to-use interface, which works in conjunction with any Windows-compatible touchscreen. Easily choose a video source and frame (the point of interest) with a tap. Add customizable graphics and effects to highlight the action. Draw directly on live video in real time. And take full control of replays and video playback using the play, pause, and jog controls.

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