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Channel branding with Motion Path and 3D graphics

Motion Path: Advancing real-time 3D graphics

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Capture audience attention and build brand equity with Maestro | TX, a complete end-to-end MCR (master control room) solution that simplifies your production workflow. Working in conjunction with Maestro | Designer (included), it offers a full suite of tools to compose real-time channel branding graphics for "coming up next" spots, squeeze backs, tickers, and more. And it tightly integrates with MediaCentral, all major automation systems, and all common databases, enabling you to generate content dynamically and automate graphics delivery and playout. With the utmost reliability. It’s the easiest way to keep viewers engaged and informed.

Product highlights

Interface for Maestro TX channel branding tool
  • Keep viewers tuned in
  • Streamline production
  • Automate your broadcast
  • Simplify your workflow
  • Today’s audiences crave information. With Maestro | TX, you can easily set your channel and brand apart by giving audiences what they want—without distracting them from your programming. Create promos, snipes, tickers, previews of "coming up next" shows, and bumpers to keep viewers watching and informed of the latest news and last-minute scheduling changes.
  • Maestro | TX supports logic-based and data-driven graphics, minimizing prep time and mistakes, so you can get to air faster. Set criteria and conditions to trigger different graphic actions and behavior, without any scripting or programming. You can also create dedicated action-based controllers and pull info from multiple databases to auto-populate graphics templates in real time.
  • Whether used standalone or integrated with existing studio systems, Maestro | TX makes it easy to orchestrate multiple streams of file-based graphics and video into a fluid, perfectly timed broadcast. From graphics generation and back-to-back clip playback, to traffic and device control, you gain the smooth, reliable operation you need to bring your perfectly polished channel to air. 
  • Maestro | TX offers tight integration with MediaCentral right from its interface, enabling you to find and access media across your platform—no matter where the assets are stored. Quickly locate and repurpose MediaCentral-managed images and clips without leaving Maestro | TX. You can even present and control Media Composer sequences stored on Avid NEXIS too.