Produce more meaningful branding graphics

Design eye-catching imagery

Bring your content—and brand—to life. With Maestro | Designer included, you can create captivating real-time 2D and 3D graphics and animation to present information in visually compelling ways.

Present stunning UHD and HDR graphics—NEW

With support for the new Maestro | Engine 4K real-time rendering platform, you can engage and inform viewers through high-end HD/UHD and HDR graphics and video content that elevate the look and feel of your channel brand.

Discover Maestro | Engine

Automate logic-based graphics

Ensure your graphics are always accurate and up to date by setting if/then/while-type conditions, enabling Maestro | TX to trigger their behavior and action automatically. It’s ideal for graphics and promos that rely on a time and/or date, such as a "coming up next" snipe.

Present real-time data-driven graphics

Generate graphics and tickers dynamically with the latest news headlines, stats, polling numbers, social media data, and other info directly from SQL, XML, TXT, RSS feeds, and other database sources. All in real time.

Add rich video content

Embed video clips into your branding graphics with support for all commonly used file formats, including MXF, AVI, and QuickTime, in a wide variety of codecs. You can integrate live video inputs too—from 2–16 HD/SD inputs—depending on your hardware configuration.

Trigger, automate, and control content

Get a more efficient workflow

With its action-based controller, you can combine graphics, content, and animation into a button (action) and define its behavior. Once an action is created, you can trigger it multiple times using different data, giving you more flexibility to adapt to unpredictable changes.

Automate graphics playout

Maestro | TX works with all major automation systems, including Aveco, Imagine ADC 100 and D-Series, Snell Morpheus, Evertz, Pebble Beach, and more. It also supports single and multichannel playout, making it a scalable, frame-accurate solution for any environment.

Create graphic events anywhere, using any device—NEW

With the new Browser REST API, you can bring the capabilities of the Maestro | TX Browser application to mobile devices. Create and preview graphic events using just a web browser on any device, giving you more production flexibility.

Deliver graphics faster and more accurately

Maestro | TX can be used in several operational modes, including with automation systems using CII, VDCP, and USC protocols. When configured to work with automation, the events are triggered and their statuses are reported back to automation.

Mix embedded audio

Control and manipulate up to eight stereo embedded audio channels, which you can mix with additional inputs and audio clips into a single output. Get full control over the volume level, crossfading, and other embedded audio mixing features.

Control permissions and metadata

With built-in user rights management, you can control what settings, menus, and read/write permissions each user can access. You can also generate custom fields to add comments, descriptions, categories, and more, making media search faster and more efficient.

Archive content easily

Collect and archive all related data—including images and clips—from where it originated and extract it to the playout center with its environment and path attached. It’s especially handy when graphics creation and playout are in different sites or networks.

Gain maximum performance, insight, and efficiency

Keep traffic running smoothly

Get better visibility into your graphics scheduling with the traffic system toolset. Use the browser to access all actions, ingest data, preview and approve graphics simultaneously, and confirm the content. Then generate a graphic event to add it to the playlist automatically.

Ensure all content is good to go

Maestro | TX offers automated validation capabilities that verify that all relevant graphic elements are available in a loaded playlist, including textures, clips, and text. If an element is missing, you’ll receive prompt notification, giving you enough time to retrieve it.

Future-proof your production

Maestro | TX supports the Maestro | Engine and Maestro | Engine 4K. This platform offers high-performance, real-time HD/UHD and HDR rendering over SDI.

Have peace of mind

Maestro | TX is powered by Avid’s proven video rendering platform, delivering robust performance and reliability. It offers full system redundancy, including hot-swappable dual power supplies, mechanical and software bypass, and RAID-based system disks.