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Produce captivating 3D virtual studios that make your broadcasts stand apart from the competition. With Maestro | Virtual Set, you can easily create photo-realistic environments and elevate any production to better engage viewers and enhance storytelling. All from a single cost-effective solution that provides easy-to-use design tools and highly accurate infrared camera tracking. It’s ideal for creating unique studio settings, showcasing content in more compelling ways, and adding visual impact to elections, sports and entertainment shows, news programs, and other live broadcast productions.


NAB Virtual Set 1200x600 1

Infrared camera tracking with unmatched accuracy

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Real-time rendering power to produce stunning graphics


  • Captivate viewers with a single solution
  • Design high-end virtual studios
  • Add captivating 3D virtual objects
  • Get unmatched tracking accuracy
  • You spend tons of time perfecting your stories. Now present them in the most captivating ways imaginable. Maestro | Virtual Set provides all the tools you need to create and control 3D virtual studio environments to enhance your storytelling. It also offers a new hybrid architecture, enabling you to incorporate sharper, more photorealistic graphics from Unreal Engine into your virtual studio production. With its limitless creative possibilities, it offers an effective way to capture audience attention.

  • With tight integration between its dedicated hardware, software, and camera tracking technologies, Maestro | Virtual Set makes it easy to produce unique virtual environments that might not be physically or financially possible with a conventional set. It delivers unmatched flexibility and power for any type of production environment, and enables a single operator to easily control everything from one interface. It also tightly integrates with Unreal Engine, enabling you to render virtual studio elements and objects with unparalleled realism.

  • When combined with Maestro | AR augmented reality tools, you can quickly insert and control 3D virtual objects and immersive graphics in any virtual and/or conventional studio. From mapping videos onto objects and inserting virtual display screens, to superimposing static or animated 3D objects into a set that presenters can interact with, the seemingly impossible becomes easily possible.

  • Maestro | Virtual Set comes with the highly advanced Xync 2.0 infrared camera tracking system. Comprised of high-resolution surveillance camera hardware and software, this system offers a larger multi-camera tracking area, so it requires fewer surveillance cameras. With a full 360-degree range of movement, you gain free mobility within any virtual or conventional studio, enabling you to produce the most realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions.

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