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Produce captivating 3D video game-quality virtual studios that make your broadcasts stand apart from the competition. With Maestro | Virtual Set, you can design rich, photorealistic graphics and environments—powered by Unreal Engine—to elevate production value, engage viewers, and enhance your storytelling. All from a single cost-effective solution that provides easy-to-use design tools and support for a wide array of camera tracking solutions. It’s ideal for creating unique studio settings, showcasing content in more compelling ways, and adding visual impact to elections, sports and entertainment shows, news programs, and other live broadcast productions.


Female broadcaster in virtual studio environment

Create high end virtual environments with realism, depth, and perspective


SIC TV using Avid broadcast graphics solutions in studio

SIC TV Builds Broadcast Graphics Factory to Engage Viewers and Lower Costs


Interface of Maestro Virtual Set creating Avid studio
  • Captivate viewers with a single solution
  • Design high-end virtual studios
  • Add captivating 3D virtual objects
  • Get all the tools you need to create and control unique 3D video game-quality virtual studio environments to enhance your storytelling. Maestro | Virtual Set comes with the powerful Maestro | Engine 4K real-time graphics rendering platform, supporting Unreal Engine and RenderEngine in a hybrid architecture for more photorealistic, cinema-quality graphics production. With its endless creative possibilities, it's an effective way to capture audience attention and present content in visually exciting new ways.

  • With tight integration between its dedicated rendering hardware, software, and camera tracking technologies, Maestro | Virtual Set makes it easy to produce richly textured, detailed, and dynamic virtual sets that might not be physically or financially possible with a conventional set. It delivers unmatched flexibility and power for any type of production environment, and enables a single operator to easily control everything from one interface.

  • When paired with Maestro | AR augmented reality tools, you can further elevate the look, feel, and functionality of your virtual set by inserting 3D virtual objects and immersive graphics. From mapping videos onto objects and inserting virtual display screens, to superimposing static or animated 3D objects into a set that presenters can interact with, the seemingly impossible becomes easily possible.

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