When you’re covering sports, elections, or live events that require up-to-the-second information and analysis, you have to be on top of your game. Maestro provides everything you need to produce more meaningful content, enable talent to control the show, and present intelligent, data-driven, live production graphics that engage, inform, and entertain viewers.

Maestro | Designer user interface and tools showing a sports graphic being created

Create live production graphics

With Maestro | Designer software, you have a flexible graphics authoring environment to design anything you can imagine. From high-res motion graphics to animated  3D objects, it makes it easy to bring your stories to life.

Male news presenter interacting with virtual election graphics

Present new data dynamically

Connect directly to sports data and news feeds to auto-populate and update info in your graphics throughout your coverage, including the latest player stats, scores, poll numbers, and weather data—with accuracy.

Three sports analysts interacting with 3D virtual AR graphics of a hockey game

Produce captivating AR content

Elevate the look and feel of your show with eye-catching in-studio graphics. From producing virtual 3D objects that talent can interact with to high-res video wall content, your creative possibilities are endless.

Broadcast graphic of a professional European soccer/football player showing his stats

Cover any sport, anywhere

From major league sports and events to your local rubber duck derby, Maestro | Live provides a customizable interface to generate and control data-driven graphics and video for any competition. With drag-and-drop ease.

Maestro | Live user interface showing a soccer/football game with tracked-to-field graphics tools

Bring fans into the game

Give viewers better insight and analysis of all the play action with high-impact, high-quality field-tracked graphics, markers, and sports enhancements. And create seamless composites with the dedicated chroma key.

Maestro | Live user interface showing a template for creating sports graphics

Take control of your show

Control both on-air and virtual graphics from a single solution—from a remote location in the studio or at the venue. And orchestrate multiple streams of file-based graphics and video into a fluid, perfectly timed broadcast.