Media Composer | Cloud Remote


Extend real-time production everywhere

Need to get a breaking news story across town quickly to air? Or want to save time and money on an episode of a hit series or a sporting event being shot on the other side of the world? With Media Composer | Cloud Remote, now part of the Avid story-centric workflow, multiple remote Media Composer | Ultimate editors can connect to your home facility and collaborate with teams to create better stories from where they’re actually happening. Enable editors, reporters, and videographers to ingest, edit, and move media fluidly between the story site and your MediaCentral workgroup. No matter where they’re located.

Product Highlights

  • Connect from anywhere
  • Share local and remote media
  • Boost production efficiency
  • Protect your production
  • Whether you’re in a hotel, coffee shop, or any other location with access to the Internet, you can collaborate with others in real time—as if you’re all in the same facility. And for news organizations, it enables journalists and producers to go to where the story is to create and deliver multimedia-rich stories from the field.

  • Combine footage shot at remote locations with material on your MediaCentral system, making the latest media available to all. Regardless of where it originated. Exercise the freedom to focus on the story and work seamlessly in one sequence, combining local and remote media in the foreground, while background services handle the remote upload or download as you choose. Work without interruptions.

  • Whether you're remote or at the facility, you can work in parallel, uploading and sharing assets while editing to turn around projects faster. You can even begin uploading media before a sequence is finished.

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your media and production workflows are protected in a secure private cloud.