Media Composer | Cloud VM

Media Composer | Cloud VM

Extend Video Editing with Virtual Machine Technology

Ideal for facilities who want to gain efficiency and reduce costs by virtualizing their post-production environment, Media Composer | Cloud VM provides a virtualized version of Media Composer for on-premises or remote network access to projects and media. Anyone in your facility can easily access the video editing virtual machine software remotely using a workstation, laptop, or zero client with a high-speed network connection. An add-on option for Media Composer | Ultimate, and included with Media Composer | Enterprise, Cloud VM provides the full Media Composer video editing experience to multiple clients from a single on-premises shared storage system and/or a centralized server.


  • Connect your team

    Extend production beyond the walls of your facility. Enable anyone in your facility to connect from a remote location wherever there’s a network connection and start working with full access to Media Composer projects and media from anywhere.

  • Improve team collaboration

    With Media Composer | Cloud VM, editors and other creative team members can collaborate in real time with the most streamlined, seamless editorial workflow. They can edit and play back media from a shared source without needing to maintain local media.

  • Access award-winning creative tools

    Get access to Media Composer | Ultimate or Enterprise without needing a powerful computer or software installation. Leverage award-winning creative tools with advanced workflows, including multicam editing, Edit While Capture functionality, Symphony, PhraseFind AI, ScriptSync AI and more.

  • Gain efficiency and cost savings

    Increase operational efficiency while reducing maintenance and resource costs. Cloud VM software can be easily deployed, managed, and updated from a single centralized server. Get significant cost savings, as low-cost zero clients and older computers and laptops can be used to access your virtualized Media Composer.

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