Media I Distribute offers connectors for publishing directly to popular transcoding, social media, online video platforms, and web CMS solutions, plus APls to create custom connectors when needed. You can extend your existing workflows and improve operational and organizational efficiency by integrating Media I Distribute with the following options.


Harmonic ProMedia
Automate media encoding for web delivery with the Harmonic ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder

Automatically transcode clips into web delivery formats with the Telestream Vantage video transcoding service

Wohler RadiantGrid
Automatically transcode videos to the H.264 MP4 delivery format with Wohler RadiantGrid

Social Media

Easily manage links leveraging Bitly for publishing video content to social networks

Easily publish text and video content to the native Facebook OVP

Automatically upload still images to Flickr to access, organize, edit, and share your photos from any device, from anywhere in the world

Easily send out tweets with text and video content to personal or corporate Twitter accounts

Online Video Platforms (OVP)

Automate video publishing to the Brightcove OVP

Automatically publish videos online on the Kaltura video platform

Automatically publish video assets to Ooyala, one of the largest premium video platforms

Automatically publish video content to Vimeo

Automatically publish videos to YouTube

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS)

Amazon | S3
Easily save your content in the cloud with Amazon Simple Storage Service integration

NEWSCYCLE (formerly Alex)
Automate web content publishing with NEWSCYCLE Polopoly
Automate web content publishing through thePlatform online video publishing and video management solutions

Easily publish web content to the WorldNow publishing platform

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