Key Benefits

Find files fast

Media | Index provides unified search capabilities that fully integrate with Interplay | Production, iNEWS, and Interplay | MAM systems, enabling you to search for clips and sequences intuitively across multiple databases—both local and remote—no matter where the media is stored. Simply type in keywords or other search criteria and see all matching results instantly.

Access projects and assets remotely

With its remote access capabilities, you can search for, manage, and interact with media and projects across the MediaCentral Platform from practically any device—everywhere—no matter where the assets are stored.

Preview and move media

Instantly preview any remote asset as if it were housed locally to find the best content for your project—regardless of its phase in the media asset lifecycle. Once you do, you can copy the media locally for integration into a sequence, further editing, and/or delivery.

Built for future extensibility

As a media indexing and management module that runs on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, Media | Index extends your system search capabilities to a global level. But that’s just the start—because the engine leverages open source technology, support for other Avid and third-party products are coming soon.

Free up system resources with indexed search

Although Media | Index works in conjunction with Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM, and iNEWS systems, it provides faster, real-time faceted search that doesn't impact system performance. If you've got many users who need to work using the same media simultaneously—regardless of where they and the content are located—Media | Index will accelerate the search process and relieve your system's engine load.

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