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The industry’s most comprehensive media workflow platform

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of thousands, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates media production. This scalable, open platform offers a powerful suite of creative tools, media asset management, and the ability to tailor and expand its capabilities, enabling teams to collaborate from anywhere, using any device. Boost team efficiency with powerful Newsroom Management, Production Management, and Asset Management tools and control. Streamline your operation. Create better content faster. And deliver to more outlets and platforms to maximize your brand’s value and media.

For News

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For sports

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For post

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MediaCentral Highlights

  • Accelerate your entire media workflow
  • Enable remote collaboration
  • Configure a solution for your needs
  • Get reliable workflow and media management
  • MediaCentral gives news, sports, and post-production teams of all sizes the power to create and deliver more content in shorter timeframes . It accelerates every part of production, providing an end-to-end workflow. Get tightly integrated media ingest , IP contribution , storage , advanced search , video editing , asset management , graphics , playout, multiplatform distribution , and archive  capabilities—all from a single vendor. Plus, the openness to integrate easily with third-party tools and systems.
  • Connect geographically dispersed teams and communicate and collaborate more effectively. With easy access to all of your media through a simple-to-use graphical web interface, journalists, editors, producers, loggers, assistants, and other creative contributors can access tasks, projects, and assets using a computer or mobile device. No matter where the team member or media is located, so you can create better stories and complete projects faster, together.

  • You can make your platform as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be. Start with the core tools, then configure it with the apps and services you need—from ingesting and logging media, to managing rundowns, adding broadcast graphics, publishing content, and integrating social media and third-party solutions. MediaCentral offers the flexibility to configure the perfect content workflow and media management solution for your needs now and in the future.
  • For over 25 years, more broadcasters and post facilities have relied on Avid media management than any other solution. MediaCentral leverages the same proven and reliable workflow technology, optimizing it for today’s high-volume, fast-turnaround content demands and dispersed teams and site locations. Teams get the media access, creative efficiency, and insight they need to collaborate effectively, while organizations get the 24/7 peace of mind Avid solutions bring to your operation.


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Discover solutions and end-to-end workflows that accelerate news production


Newzroom Afrika Control Room

See how Newzroom Afrika built the broadcast newsroom of the future


Learn about new key MediaCentral® features and tools for managing the modern newsroom

Learn how MediaCentral increases efficiency and improves delivery times

What’s new in MediaCentral

Streamline remote live production—NEW

MediaCentral _ Stream IP contribution

Expand your broadcast news, sports, and live remote coverage while cutting costs. MediaCentral | Stream is a new software-based MediaCentral service that enables teams to ingest multiple compressed IP streams directly into your Avid production environment from anywhere. Capture from more contribution sources. Move live content between remote locations with ease. And edit media while capturing it for ultra-fast turnaround. All without changing your workflow.

Discover MediaCentral | Stream  

Get deeper Adobe workflow integration

Search for and access platform-managed media directly in Adobe Premiere with the MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

Not only can you search for and access platform-managed media directly in Adobe Premiere with the MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, MediaCentral now enables easy collaboration between Adobe and Avid teams. Browse and search for Premiere projects stored on Avid NEXIS. Create and save Premiere projects and templates with MediaCentral. Map metadata between Adobe and Avid projects. Plus, Adobe users benefit from the reliable project and media management MediaCentral delivers.  

Collaborate more efficiently with the Collaborate app

MediaCentral Collaborate

From planning stories and assigning the right people and resources to cover different events and angles, to updating tasks and tracking progress, the Collaborate app keeps everyone informed and connected. It simplifies the story creation process, giving supervisors and team members better visibility into their assignments, collaborators, and resources available across multiple locations and departments—from anywhere.

Report stories from anywhere with the Reporter app

MediaCentral Reporter

With the Reporter app in MediaCentral, you can create, manage, and deliver media and finished stories to the newsroom with just your mobile device and an Internet connection. From capturing video, editing multitrack sequences, and adding effects and graphics, to exporting media to MediaCentral, it enables journalists to truly work remotely without any special gear.

Integrate directly with ENPS and Octopus

Window of Associated Press Newsroom Computer System with MediaCentral platform

MediaCentral tools can now be used with ENPS and Octopus Newsroom solutions, enabling teams to collaborate remotely and produce content faster for both broadcast and digital outlets. Integrate Avid NEXIS storage, Maestro graphics, and/or FastServe video servers to take further advantage of the added MediaCentral workflow acceleration, providing the most efficient end-to-end newsroom solution—without changing your NRCS.

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