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Take control of news playout

MediaCentral | Command reliably manages news playout by controlling a wide variety of video and graphics devices, while dynamically linking to newscast rundowns. You can easily integrate MediaCentral | Command with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management , Maestro | News, Maestro | PowerWall, FastServe, iNEWS, and MOS-supported interactive news management systems on premises, as well as with solutions in a hybrid cloud environment. Or it can be operated independently through standalone playlists.

Get tremendous flexibility with an intuitive user interface and rich feature set. Experience unparalleled playout reliability and precise newscast control. And work anywhere with the Command Shotbox app for iPad.

Product Highlights

  • Improve your speed and accuracy to air
  • Do more with fewer resources
  • Increase your confidence
  • With its tight newsroom synchronization, MediaCentral | Command delivers unmatched efficiency and value to newscast directors and producers. It reliably manages news playout by interoperating with newscast rundowns or standalone local playlists, taking the guesswork out of asset availability while quickly adapting to changes. It also offers an intuitive user interface with powerful visual tools that minimize ramp-up time and reduce on-air playout errors.

  • MediaCentral | Command sharpens your competitive edge by enabling higher-quality news delivery that can capture more viewers while reducing operating costs. It provides straightforward, precise automation control over Avid FastServe, AirSpeed, and Maestro graphics systems, as well as third-party video servers and graphics devices, giving newscast directors the power and flexibility to manage and accurately playout media with ease and efficiency.

  • With flexibility to control a diverse range of video servers and graphics devices, MediaCentral | Command can also be configured to eliminate single points of failure. If any Command component becomes unavailable during a transmission, a backup system can take over automatically without the need for manual intervention. Playout devices will still receive instructions from MediaCentral | Command if network connection with the newsroom computer system is lost, or if a change takes place before the rundown can be updated.

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