Prep projects and collaborate easily

Collaborate efficiently and remotely

Editorial Management keeps teams in sync. Easily access, share, and manage projects and media across your entire Avid NEXIS library from anywhere.

Create better metadata with custom logging capabilities—NEW
Editorial Management logging interface showing customized panes to log sports teams, players, and actions

Log assets quickly and with more meaningful details. With the customizable logger, you can create your own rich metadata fields for the data categories you need. Establish better consistency across your media library, so teams can find the right clips faster.

Find media across all projects fast

Browse, search, and access content from any project stored on your Avid NEXIS system right inside of Media Composer or from a web browser. Editorial Management puts all of your organization’s media right at your fingertips for ultimate efficiency.

Search for clips phonetically

With the Phonetic Index and search option, you can easily find all clips in your Avid NEXIS library that contain specific spoken words or phrases. You can even see the number of keyword occurrences and jump to the exact timecode for each one.

Enable remote collaboration

With Editorial Management, local and remote teams can browse, search, organize, storyboard, and edit media with just a web browser. It’s ideal for on-location production.

Streamline project prep

Create bins and sequences, as well as organize and group media quickly, right from a web browser to support the editing team—without needing Media Composer.

Create and edit sequences

With the simple browser-based drag-and-drop timeline, any team member can contribute from any location. Mark in and out points, pull selects, and create shotlists, sequences, and stringouts to find and shape the story.

Accelerate multicam production

Speed up the prep process by creating a group clip with up to 64 camera angles of a particular shot that can be saved to a Media Composer project or bin for editing.

Simplify the review process

Play media and sequences from anywhere, making it easy to review and approve content outside of Media Composer—and outside of your production facility.

Maximize your operation

Scale production while cutting costs

When production ramps up, Editorial Management makes it fast and easy to grow your team. It accommodates crews of 2–25, providing the same reliable media management, extended beyond your video editing system.

Get super simple installation

With a configuration wizard that leverages your existing Avid NEXIS user settings, you can be up and running in no time. Plus, you can check in on your system from anywhere to keep production on track.

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