Build Your Own

MediaCentral is entirely modular, enabling you to customize your system with any combination of workflow modules, apps, services, editor panels, and connectors to meet your unique and ever-changing needs. Here’s how you can customize your own platform solution.


Start building your MediaCentral system by selecting one or more of these primary workflow modules to meet your production and business needs. You can also turn on or off user access to any module based on each team member’s role.


Get access to projects, media, and your MediaCentral tools through a single simple interface—MediaCentral | Cloud UX—available for web and mobile device use. Choose from four distinct client license offerings—View, Browse, Edit, or Full—which each come with a bundle of apps to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Available Apps

MediaCentral apps provide all of the essential and unique capabilities you need for high efficiency media production. Here are the apps available, dependent on your choice of MediaCentral | Cloud UX client license. You can also turn on or off user access to any app based on each team member’s role.


When it comes to moving media, MediaCentral services make the job easy, as they handle all of the housekeeping and heavy lifting for you. Add any of these services to accelerate your production pipeline. You can also turn on or off user access to any service based on each team member’s role.


Got Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC? Bring MediaCentral’s advanced search capabilities directly into your editing interface with these integrated panels.

MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer

Access Search, Shared Library, and other MediaCentral functions right inside of Media Composer, enabling you to drag and drop media from MediaCentral directly into any Media Composer project, bin, or sequence, as well as send and retrieve media to and from your archive without leaving Media Composer.

MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Access Search and other MediaCentral functions right inside of Premiere Pro, enabling you to drag and drop content from MediaCentral directly into Premiere Pro. Add the MediaCentral | Phonetic Index option to Search, and you can even find clips that contain a certain spoken word or phrase in milliseconds, simply by typing those words in the search bar.


Extend your MediaCentral workflow to third-party applications, systems, and services with these MediaCentral connectors. You can also turn on or off user access to any connector based on each team member’s role. All connectors for Archive, Quality Control, Transcode, and WAN Acceleration are currently available, as well as connectors for Brightcove, Generic CMS, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube; all others are coming soon.

  • MediaCentral | Connector for BlackPearl
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Generic FS
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Oracle DIVArchive
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Quantum StorNext
  • MediaCentral | Connector for SGL
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Generic Transcoder
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Harmonic WFS
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Telestream Vantage
WAN Acceleration:
  • MediaCentral | Connector for WAN Aspera
  • MediaCentral | Connector for WAN FileCatalyst
  • MediaCentral | Connector for WAN Signiant
Add-on option connectors:
  • MediaCentral | Capture Router Connector
  • MediaCentral | Command Maestro Connector
  • MediaCentral | Command Playout Connector
  • MediaCentral | Command Third-Party Graphics Connector
  • MediaCentral | Command Third-Party Playout VDCP connector
Quality Control:
  • MediaCentral | Connector for BATON
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Minnetonka
Web, Social Media, and CMS:
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Brightcove
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Facebook
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Flickr
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Generic CMS
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Kaltura
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Lakana
  • MediaCentral | Connector for NEWSCYCLE
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Ooyala
  • MediaCentral | Connector for thePlatform
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Twitter
  • MediaCentral | Connector for Vimeo
  • MediaCentral | Connector for WorldNow WCMS
  • MediaCentral | Connector for WordPress WCMS
  • MediaCentral | Connector for YouTube
Third-party integrated apps:
Please see the additional list of available apps developed by third-party Alliance Partners here.

If you are interested in developing your own apps that integrate with MediaCentral, please visit

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