Configure Your Platform

Custom work platform configuration of MediaCentral with file search toolbar, system properties frame and video preview window
MediaCentral can be flexibly configured and scaled to meet your media workflow needs today and tomorrow. Whether you need newsroom management, production management, and/or asset management—accessible through a web client and apps for iOS, iPadOS, and Android—here are the capabilities your platform can provide for you and your teams.

Add apps and services

  • Archive Production—Automatically archive and retrieve content to and from storage
  • Browse—View and get insight into all media assets, with hoverscrub preview and playback
  • Collaborate —Keep teams connected and up to date about stories, assignments, tasks, and resources
  • Deliver—Transfer media, sequences, and shotlists between workgroups
  • Document—Display PDF documents within MediaCentral
  • Ingest —Orchestrate media ingest into production and nearline storage to jumpstart editing
  • Log—Log video in customizable panes to provide more meaningful data and better search
  • Orchestrate—Create structured, repeatable workflows that automate processes
  • Process—Monitor the process of all background processes and media service activity
  • Publisher—Create and monetize tailored content for digital platforms and publish with a click
  • Reporter —Create, capture, edit, and deliver video and finished stories from the field
  • Research—See what’s trending across newswires and social media, with filter capabilities
  • Rundown—Plan, manage, and update rundowns to shape your live newscast
  • Search —Find media fast across multiple local and remote MediaCentral-managed systems
    • Phonetic Index option—Find specific clips quickly based on the dialogue they contain
  • Shared Library—Automate media archive and restore workflows with a single unified archive
  • Tasks—View all tasks assigned to you or your team for easier tracking and completion
  • Transcode—Automatically encode stored material into the resolutions you need
  • Transfer—Exchange high-res media with other workgroups, remote locations, and systems

Add companion applications and integrate editing teams

  • Capture—Schedule and automate media recording of up to five simultaneous live feeds
    • Router Connector option—Control broadcast routers
  • Command—Manage news playout with automated device control and rundown linking
    • Maestro Connector option—Control Maestro graphics solutions
    • Playout Connector option—Control FastServe video servers
    • Third-Party Graphics Connector option—Control non-Avid graphics devices
    • Third-Party Playout VDCP Connector option—Control non-Avid playout devices
  • Panel for Media Composer—Access content, Shared Library, and more in your interface
  • Panel for Premiere Pro—Access MediaCentral content directly in your Adobe interface

Connect third-party solutions

  • Archive—Connectors available for BlackPearl, Generic FS, Oracle DIVArchive, Quantum StorNext, and SGL/Masstech
  • Quality control—Connectors available for BATON and Minnetonka
  • Transcode—Connectors available for Generic Transcoder, root6, and Telestream Vantage
  • WAN acceleration—Connectors available for Aspera, FileCatalyst, and Signiant
  • Web, social media, and CMS—Connectors available for Brightcove, Facebook, Generic CMS, Twitter, WordPress WCMS, and YouTube

Certified Alliance Partners

Make.TV—Acquire and manage live streams, upload videos for delivery, and communicate directly with live program contributors via chat or intercom.
Overcast—Review, approve, share, and collaborate on content to speed-up production times and provide an audit trail of decision making.

Woody in2it—Ingest and index any camera, video, audio, and graphics file format directly to MediaCentral with an intelligent multiformat ingest tool.

Woody Outgest—Automate and control all technical publishing tasks from MediaCentral to video playout servers, archive systems, and transcoding farms.—Save time and improve content quality with a cloud-based, story-centric research tool.
YEPCO—Automatically catalog content in MediaCentral based on incoming tickers from YEPCO's Sports Data Feed, creating a searchable library.

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See our MOS partners*

* Please note that our partner integrations are subject to change without notice.

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