Get unprecedented workflow speed and productivity

Create the perfect setup for your needs

The modularity of MediaCentral makes it the perfect solution for even smaller production teams. You can make your workflow as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be, customizing it to handle the needs of your unique workflows. Deploy one or more primary workflow modules—Editorial Management, Production Management, Newsroom Management, Asset Management, and/or Graphics Management. Then add other capabilities as needed through your choice of client license (which each includes a host of apps), media services, editor panels, and third-party connectors.

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Get to work without a learning curve

If you can navigate a webpage or smartphone, you can master MediaCentral. Its task-oriented graphical MediaCentral | Cloud UX interface enables you to jump right in and start working immediately. Even as you add new modules to your workflow, MediaCentral | Cloud UX makes every new tool familiar, keeping you productive. No more bouncing between multiple tools to complete projects. Teams can view tasks, access projects, log and ingest clips, edit video, and publish content from anywhere—with the same unified experience across workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are also available, providing streamlined access to MediaCentral | Cloud UX.

Find media quickly and easily

Tracking down content has never been so easy. MediaCentral provides global search and browsing capabilities, enabling you to quickly find, preview, and access relevant video, audio, graphics, and documents across your entire MediaCentral ecosystem. Add MediaCentral | Phonetic Index to the powerful new MediaCentral | Search engine and you can locate every clip that contains a specific spoken word or phrase in milliseconds—across all available storage and archives. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your editing application, as MediaCentral can be accessed directly from within Media Composer | Ultimate or Adobe Premiere Pro CC with the MediaCentral | Panel option.

Connect teams and workflows together

MediaCentral connects different teams, media, and workflows together, putting an end to work silos and making real-time collaboration a reality for remote contributors. Its web-based, mobile-accessible MediaCentral | Cloud UX interface and mobile apps make it easy to access media and work on projects from anywhere. This highly flexible system empowers communication, minimizes downtime, and enables teams across your MediaCentral ecosystem to turn around projects faster and more easily—no matter where the people, projects, assets, and home facility are located.

Boost your efficiency

Not only does MediaCentral accelerate media production workflows, it also delivers exceptional performance and reliability to keep your creativity and productivity flowing. Speed up media browsing and searching tasks with lightning-fast page load times, even when switching among both native MediaCentral modules and apps, and connected applications such as Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, and third-party tools.

Gain better performance and productivity

MediaCentral offers many new enhancements and improvements across its workflow modules, apps, and services to help speed up and simplify your workflow. Edit content easily in a timeline across all apps in MediaCentral | Cloud UX, including MediaCentral | Search and Browse—not just Edit. Work more intuitively with improved views and interface interaction. Get support for Avid DNxHR SDR formats. Develop third-party connectors to the platform more efficiently. And much more.

Streamline and simplify deployment and management

Speed up installation and configuration

MediaCentral eliminates the complex manual and labor-intensive software installations of the past. The all-new installation and deployment app, MediaCentral | Deploy, automates software installation across enterprise platform services, and handles basic configuration automatically, making installation orders of magnitude faster than manual processes.

Make administration a breeze—coming soon

The flexibility and modularity of MediaCentral dramatically streamlines and simplifies licensing and user management across every part of your workflow. With every element of your media workflow now part of a single unified system, administrators now have one central place in MediaCentral to switch modules on and off, manage licensing, and designate user roles and permissions. Licensing and user management for every module, app, and tool all take place at the platform level.

Stay current more easily

The MediaCentral backend now supports CentOS 7.4 across the entire platform. Not only does this make it easier to install, deploy, and update the software, you can have peace of mind knowing that security patches will be offered and available more frequently too.

Access assets wherever they are

With its centralized media index, MediaCentral enables all users to easily access any media on the platform, regardless of where it resides. It unifies the presentation of all assets within MediaCentral | Cloud UX, so you can spend less time tracking down files and more time focusing on your creative tasks, without concern about whether an asset is in your archive, in a different facility, or in the cloud.

Move to the cloud when and how you’d like

If you’re looking to make the move to the cloud, MediaCentral makes it easy to transition at your own pace. As your onramp to the cloud, MediaCentral gives you complete choice and flexibility to handle media production in the way that best suits your business—on premises, in a private data center, public cloud, or with a hybrid model.

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Experience the best workflow for news, sports, and post production

MediaCentral for News

For small local news bureaus, enterprise-level news networks, and everything in between, MediaCentral provides the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for news production, covering everything from information gathering and content creation all the way to distribution. From MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, to multiplatform delivery with MediaCentral | Distribute, Avid provides all of the workflow capabilities—seamlessly integrated together—to give news teams the collaboration, workflow efficiency, and speed required to break news across every audience channel, from anywhere, using any device.

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MediaCentral for Sports

In the studio or on location, MediaCentral sports solutions team up to give you the technology, efficiency, creativity, and protection you need to keep your fans cheering. From MediaCentral | Production Management, to real-time graphics and video playout with Maestro | Live, Avid enables you to get your game on and engage fans, whether they’re following the action on the jumbotron at the stadium, their TV or computer at home, or their mobile device wherever they roam.

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MediaCentral for Post Production

MediaCentral streamlines post production by providing the complete spectrum of workflow capabilities, seamlessly integrated into one simple solution. With Avid-developed creative tools (Media Composer | Ultimate), shared storage (Avid NEXIS), and asset management (MediaCentral | Editorial Management), MediaCentral provides the performance, security, and functionality that only a truly integrated workflow can deliver. Whether you’re making movies, TV shows, or commercials, MediaCentral is perfect for every situation, need, and budget.

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