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  • MediaCentral | Publishing to Digital

    Boost your content creation strategy

  • MediaCentral | Broadcast Story

    Discover an all-in-one writing and video editing tool for journalists

  • MediaCentral | Browser Editing and File Upload

    From the field to the office, collaborate together

  • What's new in MediaCentral 2023.7

    Save time and create more with Avid's MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral | Easily Share Media

    Simplify media sharing and searching across teams and time zones

  • MediaCentral | Plan and Succeed

    Streamline your workflow to deliver quality content fast

  • MediaCentral | Story-Centric Power

    Easily co-ordinate and create compelling stories for any platform

  • What's New in MediaCentral 2023.3

    MediaCentral 2023.3 provides even more creative collaboration than ever before.

  • MediaCentral Production Workflow

    MediaCentral production workflow - from streaming ingest to digital distribution.

  • What's New in MediaCentral 2022 12

    Opening up new remote workflows

  • MediaCentral | Acquire

    Easily manage and schedule media ingest remotely with MediaCentral | Acquire

  • MediaCentral | Sync

    Avid's solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Avid News Production Solutions

    Delivering workflows for news enterprises today and in the future

  • MediaCentral Stream 2022 3

    MediaCentral | Stream now offers media playout, from anywhere to anywhere, integrated into an on-premises, on-location, or as a cloud deployment​

  • MediaCentral | Stream

    IP stream ingest and playout, integrated into the Avid production environment

  • MediaCentral Collaborate

    Align resources around the story from anywhere and on any device.

  • What's New in MediaCentral 2022.3

    New capabilities to better collaborate, search and find media

  • What's New In MediaCentral | Collaborate 2021.11

    Create notes, ninja mode, notifications and more

  • MediaCentral and Adobe Creative Cloud

    Working together like never before with integration to Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop.

  • What's New in MediaCentral 2021.11

    New capabilities in MediaCentral | Collaborate, richer integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

  • MediaCentral | Stream 2021.10 Highlights

    MediaCentral | Stream now offers new codec support, high quality proxy formats for dual ingest workflows, and more

  • Empower editorial with Maestro and MediaCentral

    Speed up graphics creation in a news production workflow

  • MediaCentral Workflows for Archivists

    Enrich metadata, find, push and retrieve material from archive quickly

  • MediaCentral Workflows for Broadcast Journalists

    MediaCentral workflows for broadcast journalists from assignment to on-air

  • Reporters' and journalists' workflows in MediaCentral

    View assignments and search, create and publish content.

  • Planner's workflows in MediaCentral

    Plan events, assign tasks to team members and track their progress.

  • MediaCentral Workflows for Media Composer Editors

    Collaborative workflows enabling browsing, searching and logging.

  • MediaCentral and Media Composer | Enterprise

    MediaCentral and Media Composer | Enterprise enable a collaborative environment and efficient editing workflow.

  • MediaCentral

    Workflows for Playout Operators

  • Mobile Journalism

    Deliver news stories from any location on a mobile device

  • Choice of Editing Tools

    Choose the best editing tool for your production needs

  • Multisite Capabilities in MediaCentral

    Letting users work together regardless of where they are

  • What's New in MediaCentral 2021.7

    Even more capabilities, openness and security in the latest version of MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral Dashboards

    Monitor and collect run-time information about your systems

  • MediaCentral workflows for Archivists

    Enhance your Archive Team’s capabilities with MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral workflows for Digital Teams

    Avid's MediaCentral enables your Digital Teams to break news first

  • MediaCentral workflows for Journalists

    Avid's newsroom solutions give your Journalists the power they need

  • MediaCentral workflows for Planning Teams

    Bring your reporting, producing and planning teams closer together with MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral workflows for System Administrators

    MediaCentral provides System Administrators with all the tools they need to enhance their capabilities

  • MediaCentral workflows for Video Editors

    Enabling video editors to increase creativity, efficiency and quality

  • Whats new in MediaCentral 2021.3

    Learn more about how you can benefit from the latest MediaCentral release

  • MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere

    Greater co-operation and flexibility, new workflows in MediaCentral with Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Editing with MediaCentral

    Allow journalists to edit their story from within MediaCentral

  • End to End Workflows

    Open, scalable and secure media platform for generating and distributing content quickly

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    Optimizing content monetization

  • Social media harvesting

    User generated content retrieval

  • Openness

    Open and flexible solution for newsrooms worldwide

  • Avid's Ingest and Playout Solutions

    Get your media from the field to the screen easily

  • MediaCentral | Stream

    IP stream ingest and playout, integrated into the Avid production environment

  • What's new in MediaCentral 2020.9

    Learn more about how you can benefit from the latest MediaCentral release

  • MediaCentral Integration with Adobe Premiere

    Increase productivity and efficiency by connecting to Avid's production workflows

  • MediaCentral | Collaborate

    Collaborative app that aligns resources around the story for better communication and increased efficiency

  • MediaCentral integration with NRCS

    Bring the power of MediaCentral to your non-Avid NRCS

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add clips to the timeline and map tracks

    Tips and tricks on how to map video tracks and add them into the timeline

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Using the storyboard view

    Tips and tricks on how to use the MediaCentral | Cloud UX storyboard view to access thumbnails and quickly go through a clip

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Timeline keyboard shortcuts

    Tips and tricks on the different keyboard shortcuts available in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

  • Quick publishing in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

    Tips and tricks on how to publish quickly from MediaCentral | Cloud UX to social media sites or a web CMS

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Link clips, cut, copy and paste

    Tips and tricks on how to move, trim, link, copy and paste clips easily into the timeline

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Get shots into the timeline

    Tips and tricks on how to get shots quickly into the sequence and begin editing

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Drag and drop in the timeline sequence

    Tips and tricks on how to use the different drag and drop features in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Apply video and audio dissolves

    Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add new video and audio tracks

    Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

  • MediaCentral | Cloud UX - from Ingest to Playout

    MediaCentral | Cloud UX meets all your broadcast needs, from ingest to playout

  • Collaborate, edit and distribute fast

    Turn stories around quickly with Media Composer l Enterprise

  • Automated news production

    Increase Efficiency while Enhancing Production Value with MediaCentral

  • Edit in MediaCentral

    Allow journalist to edit their story from within MediaCentral l Cloud UX

  • Find content faster with MediaCentral

    Turnaround higher quality stories faster

  • News 2020 End to End Graphics Workflow

    Maestro | Graphics is tightly integrated to the news workflow - from design to playout

  • News 2020 End to End Workflow

    Best of breed products integrated into a unified, end to end workflow

  • Avid News 2020 - Delivering efficiency

    Turnaround and distribute more content to multiple channels

  • Digital First Publishing

    Unified and efficient workflow to manage digital distribution across platforms

  • Avid News 2020 - Remote Collaboration

    Access and edit content into the story while being remote

  • Fast Turnaround Workflow

    See how integrating FastServe with MediaCentral can speed up media ingest and playout

  • Avid News 2020 - Finding Content Faster

    Turnaround higher quality stories faster

  • Enterprise Archive and Retrieval

    Increasing the lifetime value of content

  • Overview

    Discover what you can do with MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral: Searching Overview

    Learn how to find media assets with powerful searching tools

  • MediaCentral: Using Filters to Search

    Find out how to refine searches using filters

  • MediaCentral: Creating Favorite Searches

    Discover how to create favorites to speed up searching

  • MediaCentral: Advanced Phonetic Searching

    See how to find clips instantly by dialogue they contain

  • MediaCentral: Browsing Overview

    Discover how to browse media assets

  • MediaCentral: Browsing and Inspecting Assets

    Find out how to browse and inspect assets

  • MediaCentral: Using Multiple Instances of Apps

    Discover how to use multiple instances of apps

  • MediaCentral: Media Ingest Overview

    Learn how to ingest media quickly

  • MediaCentral: Editing News Sequences

    Find out how to edit news sequences

  • MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists

    Learn how to edit shotlists

  • MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists and News Sequences

    Discover various editing capabilities within MediaCentral

  • MediaCentral: Mobile Journalism Tools

    See how to use the mobile app for news production

  • MediaCentral: Logging with Markers

    Discover how to add details to media using markers

  • MediaCentral: Publishing to Digital Platforms

    See how to quickly publish content to digital platforms

  • MediaCentral: News Workflow Overview

    See an overview of news production workflow

  • MediaCentral: Log App Basics

    Discover how to quickly log events

  • MediaCentral: Newsroom Overview for iNEWS Users

    Learn how iNEWS users can access new workflow tools

  • MediaCentral: Researching with x.news Integrated App

    See how to perform research and gather source content using x.news

  • MediaCentral: Maestro News Timeline Integration

    Discover how to easily add Maestro graphics to the timeline

  • MediaCentral: Inserting Data-driven Maestro Graphics

    Find out how to insert data-driven graphics into your content

  • MediaCentral: Creating News Stories

    See how to efficiently create news stories

  • MediaCentral: News Producer Functions

    Discover tools for news producers

  • MediaCentral: Adding Video to News Stories

    Learn how to add video to news stories

  • Embedding graphics into MediaCentral stories

    Create graphics, populate templates, and playout

  • Navigation Basics

    Navigate and interact with apps, modules, and more

  • MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere

    Greater co-operation and flexibility, new workflows in MediaCentral with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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