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Discover what you can do with MediaCentral

MediaCentral: Searching Overview

Learn how to find media assets with powerful searching tools

MediaCentral: Using Filters to Search

Find out how to refine searches using filters

MediaCentral: Creating Favorite Searches

Discover how to create favorites to speed up searching

MediaCentral: Advanced Phonetic Searching

See how to find clips instantly by dialogue they contain

MediaCentral: Browsing Overview

Discover how to browse media assets

MediaCentral: Browsing and Inspecting Assets

Find out how to browse and inspect assets

MediaCentral: Using Multiple Instances of Apps

Discover how to use multiple instances of apps

MediaCentral: Media Ingest Overview

Learn how to ingest media quickly

MediaCentral: Editing News Sequences

Find out how to edit news sequences

MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists

Learn how to edit shotlists

MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists and News Sequences

Discover various editing capabilities within MediaCentral

MediaCentral: Mobile Journalism Tools

See how to use the mobile app for news production

MediaCentral: Logging with Markers

Discover how to add details to media using markers

MediaCentral: Publishing to Digital Platforms

See how to quickly publish content to digital platforms

MediaCentral: News Workflow Overview

See an overview of news production workflow

MediaCentral: Log App Basics

Discover how to quickly log events

MediaCentral: Newsroom Overview for iNEWS Users

Learn how iNEWS users can access new workflow tools

MediaCentral: Researching with x.news Integrated App

See how to perform research and gather source content using x.news

MediaCentral: Maestro News Timeline Integration

Discover how to easily add Maestro graphics to the timeline

MediaCentral: Inserting Data-driven Maestro Graphics

Find out how to insert data-driven graphics into your content

MediaCentral: Creating News Stories

See how to efficiently create news stories

MediaCentral: News Producer Functions

Discover tools for news producers

MediaCentral: Adding Video to News Stories

Learn how to add video to news stories

Embedding graphics into MediaCentral

Create graphics, populate templates and playout with Maestro | Graphic’s integration

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