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What's New in MediaCentral 2022 12

Opening up new remote workflows

MediaCentral | Acquire

Easily manage and schedule media ingest remotely with MediaCentral | Acquire

MediaCentral | Sync

Avid's solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Avid News Production Solutions

Delivering workflows for news enterprises today and in the future

MediaCentral Stream 2022 3

MediaCentral | Stream now offers media playout, from anywhere to anywhere, integrated into an on-premises, on-location, or as a cloud deployment​

MediaCentral | Stream

IP stream ingest and playout, integrated into the Avid production environment

MediaCentral Collaborate

Align resources around the story from anywhere and on any device.

What's New in MediaCentral 2022.3

New capabilities to better collaborate, search and find media

What's New In MediaCentral | Collaborate 2021.11

Create notes, ninja mode, notifications and more

MediaCentral and Adobe Creative Cloud

Working together like never before with integration to Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop.

What's New in MediaCentral 2021.11

New capabilities in MediaCentral | Collaborate, richer integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

MediaCentral | Stream 2021.10 Highlights

MediaCentral | Stream now offers new codec support, high quality proxy formats for dual ingest workflows, and more

Empower editorial with Maestro and MediaCentral

Speed up graphics creation in a news production workflow

MediaCentral Workflows for Archivists

Enrich metadata, find, push and retrieve material from archive quickly

MediaCentral Workflows for Broadcast Journalists

MediaCentral workflows for broadcast journalists from assignment to on-air

Reporters' and journalists' workflows in MediaCentral

View assignments and search, create and publish content.

Planner's workflows in MediaCentral

Plan events, assign tasks to team members and track their progress.

MediaCentral Workflows for Media Composer Editors

Collaborative workflows enabling browsing, searching and logging.

MediaCentral and Media Composer | Enterprise

MediaCentral and Media Composer | Enterprise enable a collaborative environment and efficient editing workflow.


Workflows for Playout Operators

Mobile Journalism

Deliver news stories from any location on a mobile device

Choice of Editing Tools

Choose the best editing tool for your production needs

Multisite Capabilities in MediaCentral

Letting users work together regardless of where they are

What's New in MediaCentral 2021.7

Even more capabilities, openness and security in the latest version of MediaCentral

MediaCentral Dashboards

Monitor and collect run-time information about your systems

MediaCentral workflows for Archivists

Enhance your Archive Team’s capabilities with MediaCentral

MediaCentral workflows for Digital Teams

Avid's MediaCentral enables your Digital Teams to break news first

MediaCentral workflows for Journalists

Avid's newsroom solutions give your Journalists the power they need

MediaCentral workflows for Planning Teams

Bring your reporting, producing and planning teams closer together with MediaCentral

MediaCentral workflows for System Administrators

MediaCentral provides System Administrators with all the tools they need to enhance their capabilities

MediaCentral workflows for Video Editors

Enabling video editors to increase creativity, efficiency and quality

Whats new in MediaCentral 2021.3

Learn more about how you can benefit from the latest MediaCentral release

MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere

Greater co-operation and flexibility, new workflows in MediaCentral with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editing with MediaCentral

Allow journalists to edit their story from within MediaCentral

End to End Workflows

Open, scalable and secure media platform for generating and distributing content quickly

Enterprise Asset Management

Optimizing content monetization

Social media harvesting

User generated content retrieval


Open and flexible solution for newsrooms worldwide

Avid's Ingest and Playout Solutions

Get your media from the field to the screen easily

MediaCentral | Stream

IP stream ingest and playout, integrated into the Avid production environment

What's new in MediaCentral 2020.9

Learn more about how you can benefit from the latest MediaCentral release

MediaCentral Integration with Adobe Premiere

Increase productivity and efficiency by connecting to Avid's production workflows

MediaCentral | Collaborate

Collaborative app that aligns resources around the story for better communication and increased efficiency

MediaCentral integration with NRCS

Bring the power of MediaCentral to your non-Avid NRCS

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add clips to the timeline and map tracks

Tips and tricks on how to map video tracks and add them into the timeline

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Using the storyboard view

Tips and tricks on how to use the MediaCentral | Cloud UX storyboard view to access thumbnails and quickly go through a clip

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Timeline keyboard shortcuts

Tips and tricks on the different keyboard shortcuts available in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

Quick publishing in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

Tips and tricks on how to publish quickly from MediaCentral | Cloud UX to social media sites or a web CMS

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Link clips, cut, copy and paste

Tips and tricks on how to move, trim, link, copy and paste clips easily into the timeline

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Get shots into the timeline

Tips and tricks on how to get shots quickly into the sequence and begin editing

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Drag and drop in the timeline sequence

Tips and tricks on how to use the different drag and drop features in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Apply video and audio dissolves

Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add new video and audio tracks

Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - from Ingest to Playout

MediaCentral | Cloud UX meets all your broadcast needs, from ingest to playout

Collaborate, edit and distribute fast

Turn stories around quickly with Media Composer l Enterprise

Automated news production

Increase Efficiency while Enhancing Production Value with MediaCentral

Edit in MediaCentral

Allow journalist to edit their story from within MediaCentral l Cloud UX

Find content faster with MediaCentral

Turnaround higher quality stories faster

News 2020 End to End Graphics Workflow

Maestro | Graphics is tightly integrated to the news workflow - from design to playout

News 2020 End to End Workflow

Best of breed products integrated into a unified, end to end workflow

Avid News 2020 - Delivering efficiency

Turnaround and distribute more content to multiple channels

Digital First Publishing

Unified and efficient workflow to manage digital distribution across platforms

Avid News 2020 - Remote Collaboration

Access and edit content into the story while being remote

Fast Turnaround Workflow

See how integrating FastServe with MediaCentral can speed up media ingest and playout

Avid News 2020 - Finding Content Faster

Turnaround higher quality stories faster

Enterprise Archive and Retrieval

Increasing the lifetime value of content


Discover what you can do with MediaCentral

MediaCentral: Searching Overview

Learn how to find media assets with powerful searching tools

MediaCentral: Using Filters to Search

Find out how to refine searches using filters

MediaCentral: Creating Favorite Searches

Discover how to create favorites to speed up searching

MediaCentral: Advanced Phonetic Searching

See how to find clips instantly by dialogue they contain

MediaCentral: Browsing Overview

Discover how to browse media assets

MediaCentral: Browsing and Inspecting Assets

Find out how to browse and inspect assets

MediaCentral: Using Multiple Instances of Apps

Discover how to use multiple instances of apps

MediaCentral: Media Ingest Overview

Learn how to ingest media quickly

MediaCentral: Editing News Sequences

Find out how to edit news sequences

MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists

Learn how to edit shotlists

MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists and News Sequences

Discover various editing capabilities within MediaCentral

MediaCentral: Mobile Journalism Tools

See how to use the mobile app for news production

MediaCentral: Logging with Markers

Discover how to add details to media using markers

MediaCentral: Publishing to Digital Platforms

See how to quickly publish content to digital platforms

MediaCentral: News Workflow Overview

See an overview of news production workflow

MediaCentral: Log App Basics

Discover how to quickly log events

MediaCentral: Newsroom Overview for iNEWS Users

Learn how iNEWS users can access new workflow tools

MediaCentral: Researching with x.news Integrated App

See how to perform research and gather source content using x.news

MediaCentral: Maestro News Timeline Integration

Discover how to easily add Maestro graphics to the timeline

MediaCentral: Inserting Data-driven Maestro Graphics

Find out how to insert data-driven graphics into your content

MediaCentral: Creating News Stories

See how to efficiently create news stories

MediaCentral: News Producer Functions

Discover tools for news producers

MediaCentral: Adding Video to News Stories

Learn how to add video to news stories

Embedding graphics into MediaCentral stories

Create graphics, populate templates, and playout

Navigation Basics

Navigate and interact with apps, modules, and more

MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere

Greater co-operation and flexibility, new workflows in MediaCentral with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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