MediaCentral | Archive Production


Streamline your archive and restore workflows

Automatically archive and retrieve clips, sequences, and other media to and from your archive and production storage systems with a simple drag and drop. MediaCentral | Archive Production is a service for MediaCentral that makes it easy to access both archived and online media, providing integration with both Avid and third-party storage systems—all from a single interface.


  • Streamline access to and from archive

    You can send a clip to the selected archive destination directly from your MediaCentral workspace. Or drag and drop media into an Auto Archive folder to have a MediaCentral service option, such as MediaCentral | Transcode or an AirSpeed video server, do all the housekeeping for you, including generating and storing low-res versions of archived media for preview prior to retrieval.

  • Search and archive in one interface

    Searching for clips in your archive database is easy, as the MediaCentral | Search app is integrated in the same interface as all of your other MediaCentral modules, apps, and services, including MediaCentral | Archive Production.

  • Eliminate clutter with partial restore

    Find the clip you want and restore only the required segment of an archived master clip with a partial restore operation, saving time and online bandwidth.

  • Start small or go big

    With its highly scalable archive capacity, you can start with a small high-density solution and scale to hundreds of petabytes of capacity—all managed within the same simple interface.

  • Simplify transfers to and from your editing suite

    For editors, archiving and restoring media doesn’t get any easier, with menu commands built right into both Media Composer | Ultimate and the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface. This makes it easy to send and retrieve media to and from an archive without interrupting your edit session.

  • Transfer all media in a folder

    MediaCentral | Archive Production enables you to archive or restore all of the Avid assets in a given folder in a single operation, greatly simplifying these routine tasks.

  • Get great integration and scalability

    MediaCentral | Archive Production is fully integrated, tested, and supported with Spectra Logic data tape libraries and SGL archive management software, as well as other leading archive management software and data tape library partners, to ensure the utmost reliability.

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