Boost efficiency and your capabilities

Integrate Maestro graphics into your workflow—just added

MediaCentral now integrates with Maestro solutions, greatly speeding up the graphics creation process for quick-turnaround news, sports, and studio production. Easily browse, search for, and access MediaCentral-managed content directly from Maestro | Designer, Maestro | News, Maestro | Live, and Maestro | PowerWall.

Gain more editing flexibility—just added

Using MediaCentral | Production Management and MediaCentral | Asset Management? You can now mix and match assets from both workflow modules in the same timeline for easier story creation. This gives you the flexibility to create shotlists in either module and edit content together from both systems using MediaCentral | Cloud UX—without having to move media.

Accelerate video wall workflows—just added

Got Maestro | PowerWall? You can also now browse, search for, filter, select, and assign MediaCentral | Asset Management-managed content directly from within Maestro | PowerWall for display across your studio’s video walls and displays, greatly boosting your production efficiency.

Find the right clips faster—just added

Looking for specific clips that contain certain spoken words or phrases? MediaCentral | Asset Management now supports phonetic indexing and search, making it easy to locate any relevant clips with video essence across all indexed media libraries based on the dialogue they contain—right from your web browser or mobile device. Simply type a keyword or phrase of dialogue to find all clips that contain the speech you seek.

Get greater editing capabilities

MediaCentral now supports 3-point editing, so you can easily hone in on the best parts of a clip and gain greater flexibility when adding assets to your sequences. Plus, with the new File Info tab, you can view details about any audio, video, image, or text file, as well as inspect and edit its properties.

Find and monetize content fast

At its core, MediaCentral | Asset Management focuses on managing your finished content, with the ability to track millions of digital assets throughout their lifecycles. This gives you greater visibility into your organization’s entire global media archive for generating new revenue streams. Teams can search through multiple local and remote databases and retrieve the media they need quickly for reuse or repurposing—regardless of where the assets are stored.

Edit and interact with assets in more ways

MediaCentral makes completing media tasks even easier than before. Speed up or slow down video playback without changing the pitch of the audio. Download a still image of a selected video frame. Speed up logging workflows with tons of improvements, enhancements, and keyboard shortcuts for working with markers. And delete folders and asset references from the Asset Management Workspace using the Browse app.

Access and interact with assets anywhere

MediaCentral | Asset Management operates as a workflow module within MediaCentral. That means you can search, access, track, modify, manage, transcode, annotate, and retrieve projects and media all within the same MediaCentral | Cloud UX user interface, using practically any desktop workstation, laptop, or mobile device. Choose the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface for convenient browser access, or the mobile app for iOS or Android to connect for streamlined access.

Gain speed with workflow automation

Because MediaCentral is fully modular, you can add apps and services that automate tasks to speed and ease your asset management workflow. Automate media ingest and rewrapping by adding MediaCentral | Ingest. Produce real-time graphics via drag-and-drop with MediaCentral | Maestro News. And deliver finished content quickly to websites, mobile apps, and social channels by adding MediaCentral | Publish and MediaCentral | Distribute.

Customize metadata for your needs

With support for multiple customizable tracks of timecode-based “Strata” metadata, which can display dialogue, scene descriptions, actor names, locations, emotions, and more, everyone in your organization can find the assets they need fast and get critical information related to the media, such as usage rights. You can also customize the metadata layout in each database and modify on the fly to make it work the way you want.

Transfer content quickly

Need to move media between multiple locations, such as when supporting production at a live event or for video post-production? MediaCentral | Asset Management facilitates even faster transfer capabilities when you leverage it with a high-speed file transfer solution, such as FileCatalyst, Signiant, or Aspera. Simply add the appropriate MediaCentral | Connector for your preferred solution.

Archive and manage any type of media

MediaCentral | Asset Management supports nearly every type of digital asset and works with Avid and third-party storage, making it extremely versatile in any media environment. Archive video, audio, graphics, PDFs, documents, finished programs, and other media into long-term storage that all remain easily discoverable and retrievable. Because it mainly focuses on any given asset’s metadata and proxies, it can manage a vast range of SD, HD, and high-res files, providing complete format independence.

Get great flexibility, reliability, and value

Archive and restore media

Because everything is integrated together, you can use MediaCentral | Asset Management to support archive and restore workflows for MediaCentral | Production Management MXF OP1a media assets using MediaCentral | Archive—across multiple systems—within one multizone environment. This gives you even more options for leveraging your media, whether stored on hard disks, network attached storage, and/or HSM (hierarchical storage management) solutions, such as DIVA, FlashNet, and BlackPearl, with support for partial file restore.

Get reliable integration

MediaCentral | Asset Management features an industry-proven, services-oriented architecture (SOA) that integrates easily into your existing infrastructure. Through a variety of APIs, it integrates easily with over 100 media solutions. Plus, extensive SDKs and developer programs offer further customization. And it’s easy to add new servers, storage, encoders, applications, and more as your business grows, as MediaCentral plays well with everything.

Get cost-effective management

With powerful workflow and process engines, you can accelerate complex business procedures with full workflow orchestration and automation capabilities, enabling you to cut costs and improve media quality and consistency. Plus, with universal media access, workflow analysis, and real-time visibility into projects, you can streamline your entire media operation to run more efficiently, so you can respond more quickly to new business opportunities.

Get easy systems set-up and maintenance

MediaCentral | Asset Management eliminates point-to-point maintenance and integration issues with its robust messaging and services bus, which provides a highly adaptable, standardized communications layer. This makes third-party system connections and interoperability easier and more reliable than ever.

Customize the system for your unique workflows

Design your own unique solution

Every business’ needs and budget are different. That’s why MediaCentral | Asset Management can be fully customized and expanded—from a smaller system, to an enterprise-level solution—through a variety of modules, apps, services, panels, and connectors to provide the capabilities and integration you need now and in the future. Our Professional Services team can help design a system that integrates with your existing infrastructure, streamlining your operation, so you can make the most of your media.

Connect editors to your archive

With the MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer and/or the MediaCentral | Panel for Premiere Pro CC, editors can connect to your MediaCentral | Asset Management system from inside their editing software. Through a dedicated panel, they can search for and locate media and add any clip or sequence to their project bin with a single click for further editing and processing. They can then send the flattened file back to any MediaCentral | Asset Management folder.

Enhance your news or production workflow

Easily expedite and resolve your media archiving needs by simply adding MediaCentral | Asset Management to your news or production workflow. If you’re using MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, the module streamlines the archiving process, complying with local broadcast regulations and requirements. If you’re using MediaCentral | Production Management, the module gives you instant insight into what archived assets are available for reuse or repurposing.

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