Key features

Accelerate production

As the front-end to your entire MediaCentral ecosystem, you have access to every module, app, service, and connector available to you all within one interface, streamlining your workflow. From global search capabilities, drag-and-drop content creation, and tracking social media trends, to ingesting, transcoding, managing, editing, reviewing, publishing, and delivering content, professional media production has never been so collaborative or easy.

Do everything in one interface

All MediaCentral workflow modules, apps, services, and connectors can be accessed through the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web or mobile app interface. That means you can search for, ingest, move, edit, and view detailed info about content all in a single interface. You can also preview and play back clips in your search results, create shot lists of the media you want to use, or simply drag and drop the assets right into the editing timeline to begin cutting together a story.

Shape and enhance stories anywhere

MediaCentral | Cloud UX displays a timeline and simple video editing tools whenever you open a workflow module or app in the interface, making it easy to work on stories in the field, assemble rough cuts on location, or edit in your home facility without full-featured editing software. Use the built-in Asset Editor to mark in and out points on the clips you choose. Create sequences and perform basic editing—including L-cuts and transitions. You can even use the built-in audio tools to incorporate voiceovers and other sounds into your rough cut.

Integrate Maestro graphics into your workflow—just added

MediaCentral now integrates with Maestro solutions, greatly speeding up the graphics creation process for quick-turnaround news and sports production. Easily browse, search for, and access MediaCentral-managed content from Maestro | Designer, Maestro | News, Maestro | Live, and Maestro | PowerWall. Fill in Maestro | News graphics templates and then link them directly to MediaCentral | Newsroom Management stories. You can even drag and drop Maestro graphics into story segments and open graphics from a production cue.

Gain more editing flexibility—just added

Using MediaCentral | Production Management and MediaCentral | Asset Management? You can now mix and match assets from both workflow modules in the same timeline for easier story creation. This gives you the flexibility to create shotlists in either module and edit content together from both systems using MediaCentral | Cloud UX—without having to move media.

Ingest entire media volumes—just added

With the new MediaCentral | Ingest Qt desktop application—as well as with the MediaCentral | Ingest app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX—you can now ingest entire media volumes (in addition to single assets) to speed up asset acquisition.

Find the right clips faster—just added

Looking for specific clips that contain certain spoken words or phrases? MediaCentral | Asset Management and Production Management now support phonetic indexing and search, making it easy to locate all relevant master clips across any indexed media library based on the dialogue they contain—right from your web browser or mobile device. Simply type a keyword or phrase to find all clips that match the speech you seek.

Edit and interact with assets in more ways

MediaCentral makes completing media tasks even easier than before. Easily hone in on the best parts of a clip and gain greater flexibility when adding assets to your sequences with 3-point editing. Speed up or slow down video playback without changing the pitch of the audio. And speed up logging workflows with tons of improvements, enhancements, and keyboard shortcuts for working with markers.

Archive assets with ease

When using MediaCentral | Production Management or MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, you can now archive and restore content and stories to and from MediaCentral | Shared Library in multiple resolutions—right from MediaCentral | Cloud UX. You can also use Cloud UX to transfer assets and media from one Production Management workgroup to another.

Restore production archives

If you’re using Production Archive Manager or Interplay Archive Manager, you can now search for assets in your archive and restore media right from MediaCentral | Cloud UX. This workflow also makes migrating to MediaCentral | Shared Library easier, as you can quickly restore content from Archive Manager and then archive it to Shared Library.

Accelerate news workflows

With the MediaCentral | Rundown app, you can create, edit, and archive stories from your web browser or mobile device. View and edit queues and rundowns. Edit news stories, including production cues, templates, and placeholders. Create, associate, and remove sequences from stories. And copy and move stories to other queues.

Get to know your assets

View detailed information about any video, audio, graphics, or document file, including the size, format, resolution, and its metadata with the built-in Asset Editor. You can even inspect and edit any selected asset’s properties in the File Info tab.


MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add clips to the timeline and map tracks

Tips and tricks on how to map video tracks and add them into the timeline

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Using the storyboard view

Tips and tricks on how to use the MediaCentral | Cloud UX storyboard view to access thumbnails and quickly go through a clip

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Timeline keyboard shortcuts

Tips and tricks on the different keyboard shortcuts available in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

Quick publishing in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

Tips and tricks on how to publish quickly from MediaCentral | Cloud UX to social media sites or a web CMS

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Link clips, cut, copy and paste

Tips and tricks on how to move, trim, link, copy and paste clips easily into the timeline

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Get shots into the timeline

Tips and tricks on how to get shots quickly into the sequence and begin editing

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Drag and drop in the timeline sequence

Tips and tricks on how to use the different drag and drop features in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Apply video and audio dissolves

Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - Add new video and audio tracks

Tips and tricks on how to add up to 4 video and 8 audio tracks in MediaCentral | Cloud UX

MediaCentral | Cloud UX - from Ingest to Playout

MediaCentral | Cloud UX meets all your broadcast needs, from ingest to playout

Collaborate, edit and distribute fast

Turn stories around quickly with Media Composer l Enterprise

News 2020 End to End Graphics Workflow

Maestro | Graphics is tightly integrated to the news workflow - from design to playout

News 2020 End to End Workflow

Best of breed products integrated into a unified, end to end workflow

Automated news production

Increase Efficiency while Enhancing Production Value with MediaCentral

Find content faster with MediaCentral

Turnaround higher quality stories faster

Edit in MediaCentral

Allow journalist to edit their story from within MediaCentral l Cloud UX

Avid News 2020 – Mobile Journalism

Distributed yet collaborative environment enabling journalists to work remotely

Avid News 2020 - Choice of Editing Tools

Collaborative editing workflow per user requirement

Avid News 2020 - Digital First Publishing

Unified and efficient workflow to manage digital distribution across platforms

Avid News 2020 - Enterprise Archive and Retrieval

Increasing the lifetime value of content

Avid News 2020 - Finding Content Faster

Turnaround higher quality stories faster

Avid News 2020 - Remote Collaboration

Access and edit content into the story while being remote

Avid News 2020 – Fast Turnaround Workflow

Ingest, edit and turnaround content as it develops

Avid News 2020 - Delivering efficiency

Turnaround and distribute more content to multiple channels


Discover what you can do with MediaCentral

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MediaCentral: Advanced Phonetic Searching

See how to find clips instantly by dialogue they contain

MediaCentral: Browsing Overview

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MediaCentral: Browsing and Inspecting Assets

Find out how to browse and inspect assets

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MediaCentral: Editing Shotlists and News Sequences

Discover various editing capabilities within MediaCentral

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See how to use the mobile app for news production

MediaCentral: Logging with Markers

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Discover tools for news producers

MediaCentral: Adding Video to News Stories

Learn how to add video to news stories

Navigation Basics

Navigate and interact with apps, modules, and more

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