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Move media with ease

Transfer clips, sequences, and shotlists between workgroups with this handy service for MediaCentral. MediaCentral | Deliver links local and remote contributors together and facilitates multisite workflows, enabling you to transfer only the files required, in just the way the receiving workgroup needs it. Select an entire clip and its media files to transfer—or only the portion that’s used in a subclip or sequence—with the ability to relink the media in the editing system at the other end of the pipeline.


  • Send and receive media from anywhere
    MediaCentral | Deliver simplifies and enables efficient proxy-editing workflows with a one-command transfer of all related media, making it ideal for remote client workflows. No need for a high-speed connection either, as both senders and receivers can transfer and receive media from anywhere there’s an Internet connection using the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface.
  • Transfer only what’s needed
    MediaCentral | Deliver provides two modes of transfer—full and partial. With full delivery, the service transfers all media used in a clip, as well as the full source media for subclips, sequences, and shotlists. With partial delivery, the service transfers only the targeted portion of the media that is used in a subclip, sequence, or shotlist, eliminating the sending and receipt of unnecessary media.
  • Support the most media-intensive workflows
    Easily accommodate high-traffic, high-velocity, and multisite workflows by deploying multiple MediaCentral | Deliver systems and receivers. The service enables you to create and select unique job profiles that automatically route media transfers to specific Deliver receivers. You can even use job profiles to invoke other media transport service providers, such as Aspera, when the highest transfer speeds are needed.
  • Boost operational efficiency
    MediaCentral | Deliver leverages the resource-efficient and rule-based Distributed Media Services (DMS) job brokering technology. These media services reduce editing suite time and costs by swiftly and intelligently handling non-creative tasks in the background.

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