MediaCentral | Edit


Cut together stories fast

Quickly put together news stories or rough cuts for further editing from anywhere, using any device. MediaCentral | Edit is an app for MediaCentral that provides easy-to-use tools for basic video editing. Create shot lists, mark in and out points, and even add voiceovers right inside of MediaCentral. And because all functionality is web-based, you can access and edit projects and media no matter where they’re stored.


  • Shape and enhance stories
    MediaCentral | Edit offers a simple set of tools that make video editing easy. Use the MediaCentral | Asset Inspector to mark in and out points on the clips you choose. Create sequences, perform basic editing—including L-cuts and transitions—and add Maestro | News graphics. You can even use the built-in audio tools to incorporate voiceovers and other sounds into your rough cut.
  • Edit anywhere
    Whether you’re working on a story in the field, assembling rough cuts on location, or editing in your organization’s home facility, MediaCentral | Edit is available anywhere you need it, however you want it. Using the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface, you can access the app, projects, and media on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device from anywhere.
  • Find files fast
    Everything in MediaCentral can be accessed through a single user interface. That means you can use MediaCentral | Search right alongside MediaCentral | Edit to search for the video and audio content you need. From there, you can preview and play back clips in your search results, create shot lists of the media you want to use, or simply drag and drop the assets right into your Edit timeline to begin cutting together a story.

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