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Streamline your entire post pipeline

MediaCentral provides the collaboration, media management, and integration large post-production facilities and in-house post teams need to prep, complete, and deliver projects on time and on budget—whether they're working at the facility, on location, or at home. Accelerate production with a centralized workflow that delivers ultimate efficiency and security. Or consider Editorial Management for smaller post teams of 2–25.

Accelerate your post production workflow

Connect editors to your production

Media Composer interface with two video preview windows

MediaCentral integrates directly with Media Composer Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects, enabling content creators to collaborate and remotely access your MediaCentral-managed content—all without leaving their application window. Browse and search for Avid and Adobe media and projects, no matter where they're stored. And map metadata between projects, enabling Avid and Adobe users to search for and filter clips quickly with the same results—regardless of which tools they use. Avid and Adobe editors can also edit media while it’s being ingested and archive and restore media from Shared Library.

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Create and collaborate anywhere

MediaCentral interface showing remote collaboration parameters like frame number and total length of edited portion

MediaCentral unites teams, media, and workflows together—regardless of location—so you can connect, collaborate, and tell better stories. View tasks and assignments. Track progress and resources. Capture IP contribution from anywhere. And search for, access, log, edit, and deliver media using just a web browser on your laptop. It’s a great way to keep team members in the studio, on location, and on the go in sync.

Capture and edit content quickly

MediaCentral orchestrates the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage

MediaCentral orchestrates the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, handling all of the complex media tasks, so you can start editing immediately. Automate file-based ingest using a web browser. Or ingest entire media volumes using the Ingest desktop app. Add MediaCentral | Stream and/or FastServe and you can log and edit content live as it’s being ingested, or recorded, for near-real-time playout.

Accelerate multicam production

Four images of the same soccer game showing the stadium, players and audience highlighting how to work with multi camera angles on MediaCentral

Quickly generate multicamera sequences on your laptop or mobile device to speed up reality TV, studio entertainment, and other editing. With group clip support, you can display clips as a single-angle or multi-angle view to show up to nine different camera angles at a time. Then drag and drop the best angles to the timeline to create a quick shotlist, enabling you to start shaping storylines for editors to then refine.

Captivate viewers with high-end graphics

MediaCentral with Graphics

Add real-time HD/UHD and HDR graphics to stories with drag-and-drop ease. With direct Maestro graphics integration, you can browse, search, access, archive, and recall MediaCentral-managed Maestro | Designer, Maestro | News, and Maestro | Live, graphics content—right from MediaCentral. Repurpose and create new content quickly by updating graphics templates. And easily publish content to social media and other digital outlets with support for embedded (burned-in) graphics.

Streamline project prep

Enable assistants, story producers, and other contributors to prep content for the editing team from anywhere, using any device. Enable assistants, story producers, and other contributors to prep content for the editing team from anywhere, using a computer or mobile device. With access to assets across MediaCentral-managed local and remote databases, you can find and organize media, log footage, preview and mark clips, and create stringouts to jumpstart story creation. Without requiring a dedicated editing workstation.

Find media fast

MediaCentral window showing a list of video clips with one highlighted to showcase the software's advanced and phonetic search capability

With advanced search, you can quickly find the video, audio, and image files you need. Add the Phonetic Index option and you can find specific clips based on the dialogue they contain in seconds—ideal for unscripted projects with high shooting ratios. And get the media performance you need to handle demanding UHD and HDR production by adding Avid NEXIS storage to your workflow.

Create custom metadata

Custom logging templates on MediaCentral for live game feeds and recorded content

Log assets quickly and with more meaningful details. With the customizable logger, you can create your own rich metadata fields, categories, contextual buttons, drop-down menus, ratings, and more for the data you need. Establish better consistency and information across your media library. And enable teams to find the right clips faster, speeding up project turnaround.

Boost production efficiency

MediaCentral window showing groupings of media assets for easier and better management

Want to really speed up your project pipeline? Create and customize automated processes to manage your unique post production workflow. From creating structured, repeatable workflows that automate tedious tasks and provide project insight, to automating multiplatform distribution and content archive and restore processes, MediaCentral takes care of all the media housekeeping and heavy lifting for you.

Simplify review and archiving

MediaCentral | Asset Management window with search filters like date created and listed results

With just a web browser, showrunners, directors, and producers can conveniently review and approve content outside of your editing suites. Once approved and completed, easily archive everything to MediaCentral | Asset Management, which enables you to also restore content quickly across multiple tiers of storage for new revenue opportunities. Or automate and unify your archive with MediaCentral | Shared Library.

Get the utmost performance and reliability

MediaCentral provides the system security and robustness you need for round-the-clock operation.
MediaCentral provides the system security and robustness you need for round-the-clock operation. Even if a server becomes unavailable, it delivers uninterrupted operation, as all system data is mirrored between multiple servers for the highest level of reliability. And get easy media and metadata backup with MediaCentral | Sync, providing an effective solution for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Configure MediaCentral for your needs

Design your own post platform

MediaCentral can be deployed on premises or in the cloud and tailored and scaled to work for any size studio or post-production organization. Just add apps and services to enable the capabilities you need to empower your team—from media ingest, logging, phonetic search, and editorial collaboration, to graphics and multiplatform distribution. Stay current and always have access to the latest features with a MediaCentral subscription. See how you can streamline your operation and expand production beyond the walls of your facility—contact us.

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Connect your entire studio

For studio broadcast, MediaCentral seamlessly integrates with a wide array of third-party systems, enabling you to bridge workflows and streamline your entire operation. By leveraging our Connectivity Toolkit Media Suite APIs, you can connect video servers, editing workstations, graphics systems, teleprompters, and other broadcast solutions to your platform.

Gain resolution independence

MediaCentral offers complete Avid Resolution Independence, enabling you to work with and manage UHD and HDR media as easily as traditional HD and SD content, including media created using third-party tools. Get support for an extensive range of video codecs, media resolutions, and color spaces, so you can take on any project—no matter the camera format or device integration required—future-proofing your workflow.

Get reliable performance

With thorough workflow testing across all platform-native and connected components, including over 80 qualified partner integrations, MediaCentral delivers the robust reliability and performance you can count on. As a fully integrated platform, it minimizes risk, reduces support problems raised by vendor finger-pointing, and minimizes software version compatibility issues.

Extend production to the cloud

MediaCentral provides an easy onramp to the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling you to transition production at your own pace. In the way that best suits your business—on premises, in a private data center, public cloud, or with a hybrid model. Take advantage of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to leverage its AI, speech-to-text, and machine learning capabilities, enabling you to automate metadata tagging across your current and historical content, accurately and at scale. Plus, with support for media analytics, you gain deeper search capabilities across archived content.

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