MediaCentral for Sports

From creating hype videos, highlights, and sponsor spots for gameday, to producing stories and entertainment year-round, MediaCentral helps you elevate the fan experience and maximize your media value across traditional and digital platforms.

Engage sports fans—wherever they and you are

Get the speed, flexibility, and multiplatform distribution you need to deliver captivating content to fans at the game, at home, and on the go—whether your teams are at the venue, at the station, or at home. From creating hype videos, highlights, and sponsor spots for gameday, to producing stories and entertainment year-round, MediaCentral helps you elevate the fan experience and maximize your media value across traditional and digital platforms.

Simplify your sports video management

Stay at the top of your game

MediaCentral enables multiple production teams to ingest, create, share, repurpose, and deliver high-impact content

MediaCentral enables multiple production teams to ingest, create, share, repurpose, and deliver high-impact content to fans on the jumbotron, on-air, online, and on social media. With access to all the tools they need in a single, simple-to-use interface. Whether logging media, searching for clips, editing sequences, or publishing highlights, MediaCentral delivers the same intuitive user experience across all devices. Add MediaCentral | Stream and you can capture remote IP streams and contribution directly into your production environment. reducing training needs and costs.

Empower team collaboration

MediaCentral connects tools, teams, and content together, making it easy for everyone to browse, search, and access media quickly

MediaCentral connects tools, teams, and content together, making it easy for sports journalists and producers to plan coverage, view assignments, find and access current and historic media, create highlight clips, and deliver stories from anywhere. Right from a web browser on your laptop or mobile app on your iOS or iPadOS device. Add MediaCentral | Stream and you can capture remote IP streams and contribution directly into your production environment. It’s a great way to keep team members at the game and in the studio in sync.

Turn around big plays fast

FastServe | Live Edit hardware and edit window of MediaCentral

Add MediaCentral | Stream and/or FastServe to your workflow and send media directly to Avid NEXIS storage, so you can edit video as it’s being ingested and turn around replays and highlights the instant they happen. These powerful video servers enable automated file check-in to facilitate media ingest and playout in near real time—even at UHD resolutions. You can even tag game highlights with descriptive keyword metadata that’s shared across MediaCentral.

Post highlights first across digital

Digital First Publishing

Boost your brand, beat the competition, and expand your monetization opportunities by being the first to publish the big plays and events across multiple digital platforms. With MediaCentral | Publisher, powered by Wildmoka, you can create platform-tailored content quickly and publish it with a click. All transcoding, content staging, and publishing is automated, so teams can focus on creating content that drives traffic and revenue.

Captivate fans with high-end graphics

Sports coverage graphic showing stats of 2019 Dubai Open semi final between Steven Millo and Josip Novak

Present captivating graphics that explain and enhance your content. With direct Maestro graphics integration, you can incorporate data-driven graphics, camera-tracked sports enhancements, and 3D virtual objects with drag-and-drop ease—right from within MediaCentral. Quickly publish highlights to social media with support for embedded (burned-in) graphics. Even insert virtual ads that can be tied to the field or displayed standalone to offset production costs.

Find those highlights fans crave

MediaCentral window showing a list of video clips with one highlighted to showcase the software's advanced and phonetic search capability Quickly pull up historical and other relevant clips that relate to the game to keep fans engaged. With advanced and phonetic search capabilities, you can find clips by keyword or the dialogue they contain in seconds. Add Avid NEXIS storage and teams can have access to your entire media library at their fingertips. Plus, it offers the performance and capacity to deliver high-end UHD, HDR, and augmented reality content to fans.

Connect editors and create anywhere

Media Composer interface with two video preview windows

MediaCentral directly integrates with Media Composer Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects, enabling content creators to collaborate, search, browse, and access your MediaCentral-managed content—all without leaving their application window. You can also edit right in MediaCentral, enabling social media teams to quickly search for clips, edit highlights, and publish stories from anywhere, using any computer or mobile device.

See what you can do in Media Composer
See what you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro 

Create more meaningful metadata

Custom logging templates on MediaCentral for live game feeds and recorded content

With the ability to create custom logging templates, you can enter more significant sports details while logging live game feeds and recorded content, making it easier to pull up highlights from current and historical games to enhance your game coverage. It also speeds the process of finding the right content at the right opportunity for publishing to digital platforms, increasing your monetization opportunities.

Accelerate multicam production

Four images of the same soccer game showing the stadium, players and audience highlighting how to work with multi camera angles on MediaCentral

Create more insightful game analysis sequences and player profiles away from your editing workstation. With group clip support, you can log and display clips as a single-angle or multi-angle view to show up to nine different camera angles at a time. Right on your laptop or mobile device. Then quickly shape your story by dragging and dropping the most compelling angles to the timeline to build up your sequence.

Get the utmost performance and reliability

MediaCentral Sync web
MediaCentral provides the system security and robustness you need for round-the-clock operation. Even if a server becomes unavailable, it delivers uninterrupted operation, as all system data is mirrored between multiple servers for the highest level of reliability. And get easy media and metadata backup with MediaCentral | Sync, providing an effective solution for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Configure MediaCentral for your needs

Design your own sports platform

MediaCentral can be deployed on premises or in the cloud and tailored and scaled to work for any size sports production. Just add apps and services to enable the capabilities you need to empower your team—from game ingest, logging, phonetic search, and advanced editing, to graphics, playout control, and multiplatform distribution. Stay current and always have access to the latest features with a MediaCentral subscription. See how you can streamline your operation and expand your fan engagement globally—contact us.

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Connect your entire studio

For sports broadcasters, MediaCentral seamlessly integrates with a wide array of third-party systems, enabling you to bridge workflows and streamline your entire operation. By leveraging our Connectivity Toolkit Media Suite APIs, you can connect video servers, editing workstations, graphics systems, teleprompters, and other broadcast solutions to your platform.

Automate live video feed recording

MediaCentral interface with media pool, project timeline and preview of video showing a burning building

Never miss a single game or sports event—no matter what time it starts. With the MediaCentral | Capture option, you can schedule and automate the recording of up to five live feeds at the same time for better sports video management. It’s ideal for covering concurrent games, Olympic events, World Cup matches, tournaments, and other simultaneous sporting matchups.

Integrate with MOS and ActiveX devices

MediaCentral fully supports the MOS (Media Object Server) protocol, which is widely used across broadcast journalism, enabling communication between production systems and controlled broadcast devices such as media servers. It also supports ActiveX controls, providing tight integration with such connected systems.

Extend production to the cloud

MediaCentral provides an easy onramp to the Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling you to transition production at your own pace. In the way that best suits your business—on premises, in a private data center, public cloud, or with a hybrid model. Take advantage of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to leverage its AI, speech-to-text, and machine learning capabilities, enabling you to automate metadata tagging across your current and historical content, accurately and at scale. Plus, with support for media analytics, you gain deeper search capabilities across archived content.

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