MediaCentral | Maestro News—coming soon


Accelerate real-time graphics production

Quickly turn information, data, and social media content into broadcast graphics with a simple drag and drop. MediaCentral | Maestro News is an app for MediaCentral that enables you to produce rich and engaging on-air graphics as a story breaks to make your news programs stand out—and make updates instantly as they continue to unfold.


  • Broadcast up-to-the-second information
    MediaCentral | Maestro News works in conjunction with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, MediaCentral | Production Management, and Maestro | News (formerly Maestro) to streamline graphics production and updates. Simply drag and drop clips, images, and text directly into Maestro | News templates to create the graphics—all within the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface.
  • Share the viewpoints of others
    Visually highlight or validate what others are talking about and sharing on social media in your on-air broadcast. When used with the MediaCentral | Research app, you can easily turn the best and most relevant Twitter and Facebook postings into on-air graphics. Again, all from within one interface.
  • Add graphics to video sequences
    Inserting Maestro graphics into video sequences has never been easier. Working in conjunction with the MediaCentral | Edit app, MediaCentral | Maestro News enables you to add, preview, and time on-air graphics within a sequence directly in the MediaCentral | Edit timeline, minimizing errors before playout. When the timeline is played out, the graphics devices automatically insert the graphics in real time.

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